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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#Taboo2day Bloopers from Vala and sex

Take a risk and try something a little taboo with me? D I promise you'll find delights and scares depending on how adventurous you are

I was thinking about taboos in erotic fiction that are more about what people supposedly do or don't want to read, something you often won't see in pornographic movies or even the sex scenes in more mainstream movies. Bodily noises, things like farts. This hilarious taboo is so taboo that Katherine Deane played with it in the A to Z spanking challenge for her F. Now I push a lot of taboos in my Vala's Story serial, even non-sexy things like the fact that the slaves' bathroom has toilets without any privacy walls- people squat and go even in the presence of others. I admit that this is a blooper because I can't remember feeling the need to push this specific taboo. A quick explanation, remember that The Queen is helping Vala in her recovery from anorexia.


Vala posed on her hands and knees in the middle of The Queen's bed. "Please fuck my cunt, my Queen!"

"Fuck your cunt, you beg?" The Queen brushed his thumb over Vala's wet pussy lips.

Suddenly Vala let out a big fart and collapsed onto the bed in giggles; The Queen snorted. "Please excuse my unsexy moment and let's please forget it, my Queen."

"I take that as a sign I have you eating well." The Queen pulled Vala to him by her ankle and thrust into her cunt; they both ignored his grumbling tummy in favor of fucking.


  1. LoL Joelle, love it! Sex is sometimes ... well, anything but sexy lol. Oh gosh, the grumbling tummy, mine is renowned for making itself known at the most inopportune times!


    1. Yeah, my Master's tummy grumbling can get bad too. I enjoy sometimes the little blooper. And I think it's only because of the way we look at things. If I hadn't been crazily getting ready for Nanowrimo I might have looked for one of the bathroom moments I mentioned in my intro. Like I know there's a moment coming up in "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" where Iona comes into the slaves' bathroom while Prisca and Abrecan are doing a scene in there; while talking to Prisca, Iona actually just sits on the toilet and starts going. Of course, these bathroom moments as I think of them, I've worked not to be too graphic, to give more details than necessary because the focus actually isn't the person who's going to the bathroom. Thanks for the comment, Roz :)

  2. *snort* Yeah - definitely one of the unsexy things that actually happens in real life but you don't necessarily want to read in your erotica LOL

    1. thanks for the comment, Raya :) heh yeah, I think this blooper was good, don't necessarily need to make it happen in a book :D

  3. Lol.. People do tend to forget the sound effects of fucking... Nice one...x

    1. thanks for the comment, Macy. Yeah, totally unsexy sounds :D