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Monday, November 17, 2014

Publisher Spotlight: LSF Publications #spanking #MF #FF #FM #BDSM

I have to say right off that I appreciate LSF's separate "lesbian" and "F/F" book sections; too many (authors, readers, retail sites) act as if the two are synonymous when they aren't always. I appreciate their about page as well: they're able to accept dollars and pounds sterling they say (although I admit this US girl doesn't quite know what pounds sterling are). They focus on spanking ebooks of quite a few flavors. Of course you can buy the books on Amazon, but you can also buy them securely (and in multiple formats directly from LSF). This is yet another place I have in my mind as "I may submit something there some day," but haven't as of yet.

And here are some example books that they've published.

Lucy Appleby's "The Postmistress and the Gardener"- I loved this book! You can read my 5 star review of this book there. If you want a really different femdom book, well then Lucy's book is for you too. I find too many femdoms too formulaic, too much as if they stepped out of a bad porn movie. This does not describe Lucy's book :) .

"Cinderfella" by Rue Chapman. I was intrigued to find this story in the "shorts" section and hope next time my Master's gives me allowance (yes, I am a lifestyle submissive :D ), I hope to pick up this intriguing story for just 99 cents.

"Spanking Romance Box Set of 4" by Leigh Smith. I wanted to share Leigh's set of 4 stories for $8.99. Having read snippets of her work on Saturday Spankings, I can comment on the delicious and emotional romances she writes.


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    1. you're welcome, Ameliah :) thanks for the comment

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, Joelle. LSF Publication is easy to work with, very accomodating and helpful, if you go over I don't think you'll be disappointed. They go out of their way to make you feel you're a person and they have some great authors on on their rolls..

    1. you're welcome :) and thanks for talking about the author experience with LSF. I for sure have them in my mind as a possible for something I finish that isn't my Vala's Story- I just feel the need to keep as much of the creative control of that in my hands. Once I finish my Nano-novel, I'll need to start emailing publishers to see how they feel about invented pronouns and non-standard usage of "they" with genderqueer characters.

    2. I've been reading LSF for awhile and they have great authors.

    3. yeah, there were a decent number of familiar names when I was choosing what books to share. Thanks for the comment, Laurel