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Monday, November 3, 2014

Publisher spotlight- Blushing Books

When it came to planning for my blog during National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo), I looked for things that were both different and less labor intensive. You see, as much as I enjoy the free fiction that I'm currently sharing on Mondays, too often around everything else I do, it takes a whole day to get the story written. As I've been preparing last year's nano-novel to submit to a publisher (instead of self-publishing as I did with/am doing with Vala's Story), I've been thinking on different publishers that publish spanking and/or BDSM erotic romance/erotica. The advent of electronic publishing and ebooks opened things significantly for these genres.

For this first in the series, I'm talking about Blushing Books. It's quick to create an account there- I have one because I both buy and review books on their site. To my knowledge, they started mostly doing spanking fiction, but now they have dozens of erotic romance categories, including all sorts of things from ageplay to BDSM to Christian spanking.

Now while I haven't been published by them, dozens of my friends have been. Anastasia Vitsky (she specializes in female/female stories). Rayanna Jamison (polygamous spanking). Constance Masters (male/female spanking, largely of the domestic discipline bent). Thianna D (she is wonderfully all over the place, including having a few pen names under which she publishes even more variety). Renee Rose (she writes both contemporary and historical spanking romance- I adore her historical works).

I already mentioned Thianna D, but I'm going to mention her again for the Corbin's Bend series. I so love this series. I believe it's Thianna's brain child, but the notion is a housing co-op where spanking is the norm. They're on season 2. Lots of wonderful books.

Blushing Books is also a wonderful support for many of the blog hops that spanking/BDSM writers have. For instance there's the Saturday Spankings blog hop (authors start having the posts go live Friday evening :D).


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    1. thanks for the comment, Cara. I was surprised last night when I went to look at their site that I didn't find a "How we came into being" type thing; I swore I read it once, or it may have just been us authors talking about how Blushing got started in some forum :D