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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#WIPiTuP.... Master, Mommy, and Joey... AP and Master/slave in the bedroom

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors know we're going in a good direction.

The "online flirtation" of Master, Mommy, and Joey was well received last week so I thought I'd continue with the much requested "first time the 3 have sex." However, I had to tease Melody Parks and Meredith O'Reilly on Facebook by asking how much of the 3129 word scene I should share. That's a bit long to share, don't you think? I'm not sure I'll share more from this sex scene- after all, I am trying to finish "Mommy" so I can get it to BRs and then submit it to a publisher.

But here, Master has invited Mommy to come visit for a week. After a nice dinner at a Mongolian barbeque the first night of her visit, they adjourn to the bedroom. I've shared some flirtation as they undress and make it to the bedroom; this has yet to be considered in the "What's Rex [their dog] doing?" rewrite.

 I lay my head against Master's leg for a moment before leaning forward to kiss Mommy's hose-covered calf. I sipped my sparkling juice; this little play at my age playing was fun, I decided. Master and Mommy up on the couch enjoying the red wine He'd bought them. And I had my silly plastic kids' "wine flute" with the butterflies painted out it, the sparkling juice just tart enough not to be too far from wine.

Mommy giggled and I looked up. Her cheeks were a bit red, but I didn't think she was blushing.

Master's fingers danced along Mommy's collarbone.

"Little eyes," Mommy murmured.

"I haven't done much yet." Master's eyes had grown dark; I knew what that meant. "So how far do we take the role play? Is Joey really too young to see anything? Or maybe in this moment she's less your child and more my slave? My slave who enjoys seeing me with other woman so much that monogamous people just don't get it?"

Mommy touched my head. "What do you think, Joey? What are you comfortable with?"

I thought even as I gazed into Mommy's eyes. "In this moment, I feel like my Master's slave who really wants to see Him enjoying having sex with you, Mommy. Does that make you sad?"

"No, sweetie." Mommy patted my shoulder. "You're a complex woman with a complex sexuality. It's part of what drew me to you." She took my empty glass from me and placed it on the coffee table. She took my hand. "Come on, lovely."

Master led us into the bedroom. He turned me so I faced Mommy. One hand cupped my neck as he unzipped the dress. He pushed it off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. "Nice lingerie choice."

Mommy nodded. "I liked how it looked beside the romper."

I moaned, feeling the wetness between my legs at Mommy's word choice.

"Take off your socks, but leave the bra and panties on for now. Lay down on the bed."

"Yes, Master." I put my hand up on the wall to steady myself as I plucked one sock then the other off.

"May I?" Master's hand hovered in front of the top button on Mommy's rose colored blouse.

"Yes." Did Mommy's legs wobble just a bit?

Master eased the button out of its hole, His fingers slipping into Mommy's shirt. He continued down, one button after another, more of her skin showing at the silk fell away. He took the shoulders and lifted the shift off Mommy. His fingers brushed the cups of her bra; she moaned and her nipples pressed out of the fabric. His hands moved down her sides to her waist.

"Yes," Mommy whispered as Master’s fingers slipped into the pants' waistband.

Master pulled down, pulling the pants down Mommy's hips, down her thighs. He knelt in front of her as the fabric, so silky just like her blouse, pooled at her ankles.

Mommy placed a hand on Master's shoulders before she stepped out of the pants, one foot then the other, leaving her only in her pretty underthings.

Master groaned; His eyes were still darkened. His shaggy hair brushed His neck as He looked up at her face.

"Gonna stay there?" Mommy smiled playfully.

"I'd thought." Master kissed Mommy's calf. His hand moved up to her hip. He kissed again, this time moving inward. He urged with teasing fingers for her to part her thighs, just a bit, just enough for one hand to move up, touch brush her panties.

Mommy continued to balance against Master, her hand on His shoulder, the fingers curling in, clutching at Him. "You don't need to worry about asking at every point. It's not like this is BDSM that we need negotiated or anything."

Master smiled. "Good to hear." With fingertips, He pushed aside her panties, teasing lips. "I'm sure by now, Joey is thinking I'm teasing her. Am I teasing you?"

Mommy laughed. "Slow can be nice too." She glanced at me. "She is such a good girl. Her panties are still in place."

"Yes, a good girl." Master rose to His feet in front of Mommy. He studied her face for a moment before wrapping His arms around her waist. He paused a moment before He moved in for the kiss, their lips meeting in the way I'd hoped for since Mommy arrived. The kiss continued, the dominant mouths stepping outside dominance and submission.

Mommy groaned, the sound caught by Master's mouth. She grabbed at His shoulders. "Bed," she murmured against His mouth.

Master walked them to the bed, Mommy walking backward, trusting Him, toward me where I'd been commanded to lay; I swore I would just watch and not be a distraction. He placed his hands on her thighs. "You are a beautiful woman."

Mommy's head fell back, her hair dragging across the pillows. Her lips parted. Lips. Parted. She shuddered and so did I. She scooted backward, more of her body on the bed.

Master undressed, watching Mommy move, His shirt flying to the floor before His jeans joined the pool of discarded clothing.

"Now let me take a look," Mommy demanded playfully.

Master stood up straight, arms folded against His chest.

"I can see why Joey fell for you." Mommy studied Master's body, her gaze moving up and down His length. "I need to have that cock in my mouth before we go to sleep."

Master grinned. "Sounds like a plan."


  1. Hot snippet Joelle! I do love this story and the interplay between the different characters and dynamics.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) I really enjoyed writing this scene because figuring out those dynamics was so important to the scene, just that little exchange about if Joey was more Mommy's little girl or Master's slave in the moment

  2. I love the dynamics - very sexy scene. Great job Joelle.

  3. Wow! Once again Joelle, that was hot! I really liked the side conversation of "Can Joey see this or not?" Sounds like we have an interesting three way coming.

    1. thanks for the comment, Meredith. I do love that, if Joey can see this or not. Even as I wrote it I was giggling

  4. I think it's sweet that Mommy asks Joey if she is comfortable with seeing Master and Mommy engaging. Then it gets HOT once they make it into the bedroom. Yes! This is the part I was waiting for, only there isn't enough of it.
    I noticed your facebook post about teasing Meredith and me with how much to share just prior to hopping over here to read your excerpt. Looks like you decided to cut the scene in half, but that's okay because I get to look forward to how Joey reacts to watching Master and Mommy once the friction between them really gets going.
    Will the slave/submissive side in Joey yearn to join in? Or will she be content to just watch?
    Excellent build of anticipation Joelle. I'm looking forward to next week already ☺

    1. just gotta wait for next week :D I did decide to share the whole scene, just in pieces. I'd like this big sex scene as something for people to enjoy as I finish up the WIP and get it to a pub. I'm sure you'd rather wait to read if Joey joins in or not :D thanks for the comment, Melody. I'm hoping a nap will see me ready to write the phone sex/enema scene

  5. Very sexy, Joelle ... you 'undressed' this scene beautifully. I loved the "little eyes" comment that Mommy murmured! Part 2 next week? I'll be back. ;)

    1. thanks for the comment, Shelly :) Love how you noticed that :D that this portion of the scene is so much about them undressing- metaphorically and literally. And yes, past 2 next week. getting it set up, since Melody already has next week's sign up live :D