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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

#WIPiTuP ... A little online flirtation from "Mommy"

Sharing WIPs (works in progress) can be so very fun! On this lovely blog hop, enjoy a bunch of authors sharing excerpts of what they're working on- get ready to add some great books to your TBR, once the author publishes :) Although occasionally you may find an author sharing a published work. Give 'em a break- these may just be roughly edited- but please do leave a comment! We authors know we're going in a good direction.

I ended up deciding to share from "Mommy"- my BDSM/ageplay menage WIP. I'd been talking with Meredith O'Reily and she was interested when I used the phrase "online flirtation" to explain what I was working on in the WIP so I decided to share it. Quick explanation: also well into the story, Andrew (the dominant) rescues Rex (a mostly wolfhound mutt) for Joey (the submissive/little girl.) Here they're talking online with Mara/maralady (Joey's Mommy). For the ease of reading online, I've put the narrative parts in italics and color-coded the chat names; I'm so glad I'm looking to submit this to a publisher, who'll get to make formatting choices instead of me having to decide what works in an ebook :D.


Rex happily rested his head on my feet as I leaned back in my chair. I watched Master fire up his computer as I did the same.

I giggled as messenger made its logged in noise on both Master's and my computers.

maralady: hey you both! I didn't expect to see you online today.
MasterAndrew: well there's a little girl that's been missing you and me too :D
maralady: really? we're gonna flirt in front of our little girl? hi joey btw
andrewsgirl: hi Mommy. well it's not like you and Master were kissing or anything lol. ooo and you're including Master? i'm His little girl too?
maralady: LOL I can only imagine the glares you must be getting at this moment, joey

I looked up from my computer at Master; He did have quite a glower going. "Just joking, Master?"
Master snorted His laughter. "You are pushing it, little girl."

"I'll be good, Master." I batted my eyelashes cutely.

maralady: are you both taking a moment for joey to get punished for being mouthy?
MasterAndrew: just a warning for her. no punishment just yet. although I don't quite mind the little girl joke
andrewsgirl: it's not like I called You Daddy, Master
maralady: ROFLMAO! joey girl, why don't you behave, my sweet?
andrewsgirl: yes, Mommy. I'll stop teasing Master so
MasterAndrew: yup, I think she just earned herself a punishment. what do you think, mara?
maralady: hm. well I hoped for a bit of flirting here maybe, with joey behaving.... but what about a brush spanking at bedtime? Or does that walk a little too close to AP for your comfort, Andrew?

Master laughed out loud.

MasterAndrew: nah, that sounds good. maybe that'll get her ready for when you can visit us?
maralady: flirt :D
MasterAndrew: damn right. I wanna see you enjoy my little girl

I whimpered and pressed my hands to my hot cheeks.

maralady: did you just make joey blush?
MasterAndrew: yup lol
andrewsgirl: i'm okay now

Master threw back His head in laughter.

maralady: hm. no title... who could that have been directed at, joey girl?
andrewsgirl: uh, sorry, Mommy. I should have typed *i'm okay now, Mommy and Master* although Master could see my blush fading away until He started laughing
maralady: so how've you been doing settling with with rex?
andrewsgirl: we took him on a walk, Mommy! it was so fun. and Master was extra sweet and brought me my ballet flats and hoodie, since I'd changed into a tank top and shorts once we got home from church.
maralady: that was very nice of Andrew.... and so you bratted at him?

I clapped my hand over my mouth.

MasterAndrew: I don't think that was the response joey was expecting from you :D
maralady: heh well her role in our AP hasn't been a very bratty one, so I wondered about the bratting directed at you
MasterAndrew: I think sometimes she's trying to figure out just how much my comfort with AP might be changing. She did seek permission for the profile you read largely because AP wasn't something I felt comfortable doing, you know, like some of the doms who are comfortable with being a few dom types
maralady: I guess then the question is if you are getting more comfortable in observing joey and I playing or if your squick factor for her playing at you as a little is lessening. Can she brat without it being as a disobedient slave?

Master studied me for a moment; I lowered my eyelids slightly under His examination. "Have we been together so long that you're starting to brat, to change your tendencies as a submissive?"

"Um... maybe, Master. I'm sorry if that displeases You, Master." I rapidly blinked my eyes.

"No, you aren't in trouble beyond that hair brush spanking that Mara and I were talking about. I think I like a little bratting actually sometimes, but you should have taken my expression as time to stop bratting."

"Yes, Master." What had gotten into me?

MasterAndrew: okay we're back. I think we can chalk it up to "we're all learning." We've never been high protocol anyway. maybe you're helping her to continue the process of moving away from the "perfect mormon girl" behavior she can get into sometimes, without even meaning to. but she failed to react to my expression as she would have normally
maralady: have you seen yet how rex deals with any intimacy between you two? some dogs can be quite funny about that

I giggled. When Rex looked up at me, I giggled harder.

Master laughed as he typed.

MasterAndrew: nope, we haven't seen yet. Have to see how he deals with her spanking- since he has most definitely claimed her
maralady: that is so sweet.
maralady: what are you wearing right now, joey?
andrewsgirl: just a nighty, in case Rex wants me to go in the backyard with him, Mommy
maralady: describe it

Master made a low pitched whistling noise, making me blush.

"But You saw me put it on, Master," I whined.

Master arched one eyebrow at me.

MasterAndrew: Joey just made the ugliest whining at me whistling at her
maralady: tut tut, little girl.
andrewsgirl: sorry, Mommy.

Master cleared His throat.

"I'm sorry, Master. I shouldn't have whined at Your flirtatious whistle, Master."

Master nodded. "And?"

andrewsgirl: it's a white cotton nightie, going to my knees, flowy and loose, Mommy. it has little roses sewn randomly. It have pretty red lace to match the roses, at the neck and bottom and to make the straps.
maralady: good girl. do you just have on the nightie?

I couldn't hold in my giggles.

andrewsgirl: just the night, no panties, Mommy

Master grabbed His camera. "Lift your nightie and spread your legs!"

I obeyed without thought only to have the flash of Master's camera go off.

Master pushed a few buttons.

MasterAndrew: there you go, sweet

maralady: why thank you for the pic :D  


  1. This was great Joelle, I've enjoyed the snippets of this story you have shared. Interesting interplay between the characters and different dynamics.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz ;) It's going well- I actually finished just a bit in this scene beyond what I shared last night. So now it's on to one scene and then some rewriting to add Rex as well as finishing the story. If my Master could just find His way to being a bit less depressed, I could foreseeably finish this in a week and be sending it off to a few BRs before subbing it :)

  2. Great dynamic between the characters.

  3. Great snippet! I love the concept that even when Mommy and Master aren't in the same house as you, you can still get a spanking if you aren't careful.

    1. thanks for the comment, Meredith :) That balance is something I've had fun with all book. I had a dom who was a switch once and it was always entertaining when we went for coffee together. But yes, Joey ponders it at a few points- "maybe wanting a Master and a Mommy wasn't a good idea" lol

  4. I've been waiting a long time for an excerpt from this one Joelle. When you started this for nano writing (much earlier this year) I was very much intrigued.
    I had no idea Joey was going to have a Master as well as a Mommy. Consequently, I find it quite HOT! and can't wait for a little more about how the dynamics of such an arrangement will end up working out. You know where I'm headed with that, right? (A scene when the 3 of them are all together physically.)
    Awesome excerpt, please get this to your BR's and pounce for publication. ☺

    1. yup yup :) working on it, Melody, and thanks for the comment. I'm working on it- woke up depressed like I have been all too much in this long year of un- and underemployment for my Master and all the stress that's caused in my household. And actually, the premise of the book is that she starts out with a Master who is squicked by ageplay and as they are polyamorous, she begs the chance to find a Mommy. Does this mean you'd like some things shared from later on in the book where Mommy does come to visit? :D

    2. squicked... I had an idea of what this word meant but looked it up just in case.
      I think it will be very interesting to see Mommy come to visit and even more so if her Master watches or feels compelled to join in the fun. ☺

    3. Isn't it such a great word, Melody? I love that squicked puts the feeling of gross on the person expressing it, not on the kink itself. It really angers me when I see things like "Ew" in reaction to kinks. But yes, Master seeing has been things I've worked with. I'll have to look for something to share. I'd shared some of the stuff with Joey's first spanking from Mommy on SatSpanks, and that had some "what will Master think in it"

  5. I LOVED the snappy dialogue in this, Joelle! Really enjoyed ... thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Wow! This is definitely something different and I cannot wait to see it published!