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Monday, September 22, 2014

PART 2- Mandisa, Jinny, & Chitra in the Isis temple

All righty :D it took some days and trip to the bedroom to get away from my Master's snoring- poor Man with allergies acting up- but I finished off my notions of Mandisa enjoying Jinny and Chitra after The Queen allows her to take her submissives up to a small playroom during after-ceremony celebrations that happen in "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" (hopefully to be published by the end of the year, currently with my BR). For #WIPiTuP Wednesday, I'd shared a scene that showed some changes with Mandisa, which led to other conversations. I'd figured I could do this extra-novel bit when begged :D. If you haven't read part 1, here's the link to go enjoy :) http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/09/mandisa-jinny-and-chitra-in-isis-temple.html

And now for part 2...

Jinny moaned her arousal. She pressed her body against Mandisa's slippery hands. Her head rolled to one side as Chitra's fingers joined in stroking her. She reached up for her Domme's hips, urging her to nestle between her spread legs.

"My girl." Mandisa rolled her and Jinny onto their sides. She urged Jinny down with insistent pressure on the submissive's shoulders.

Jinny kissed her way down Mandisa's chest, stomach. She lifted one leg onto her shoulder.

Mandisa groaned. Her voice rasping, she ordered, "Chitra, bring your lovely cunt here to me before you spread Jinny's legs." She swiped her tongue over her lips as Chitra's gorgeous, lithe body obeyed her order. "Like that." She wrapped her hands around Chitra's thighs as she pulled the girl closer. She pressed her face into the small patch of trimmed pubic hair, the spicy essential oils that decorated her skin, hinting at the musk of her sex. She kissed and licked, pulled on Chitra's labia with her teeth until the sub squealed against Jinny.

Jinny pushed her tongue into Mandisa as Chitra sucked on her clit. The weight of her Domme's leg reassured even as she basked in the allowed pleasure. She squeezed on Chitra's head with her thighs just a moment, just to feel the girl's silky, soft hair. She hummed to bathe her Lady in extra pleasure.

Mandisa lifted her mouth from Chitra. "No begging to come. Just come, for me, for each other." She poured the lotus oil onto Chitra's thighs as she began to feast on the girl again. Her hands slipped over heated submissive skin. Is Jinny on a mission to make me come as fast as she can? The building orgasm pulsed in her clit. No need to rush. She breathed in, enjoying Chitra, the smell of aroused women, the burning incense.

"Ah," Chitra whimpered into Jinny's skin. She grunted when Mandisa's spanking hand fell on her ass, almost splashing in the teasing massage oil. Even the hardness of the stone floor only slightly distracted her.

Mandisa smacked again, harder. The pleasure leapt inside her at Chitra's groans and shudders, the heat started off the spanked skin. She shoved her tongue deep into her submissive as her cupped hand delivered pain to the trembling ass. She shuddered as well. She grunted as she strained her neck to look at Jinny's beautifully bowed body, her supple body bent in pleasing her Domme even as she enjoyed the ministrations of Chitra's eager mouth. She spanked again, the rhythm of her strikes in time with her speeding heart.

Jinny pulled her mouth away from Mandisa, just long enough to cry out, her moan sharp and husky, before she dove back in, her lips catching at Mandisa's large clit.

Chitra and Mandisa moaned as well, their mouths clutching the female bodies before them.

"Come here, Jinny. Bring your ass to me," Mandisa ordered.

Jinny pulled out of Chitra's grasp. She crawled up until she faced Mandisa. "My Lady?"

Mandisa nodded at Jinny.

Jinny turned her soft, curvy body so her ass rested beside Mandisa's hip. She moaned into the floor as twin slaps echoed through the room. She arched up, waiting for the next slap.

Mandisa sucked on Chitra until the submissive started to writhe, her sounds a perfect harmony with the slaps and other sex sounds.

Chitra's upper body arched away from the floor. "My Lady!"

Mandisa pulled the shuddering submissive against her. She released Chitra for just a moment and the girl quickly responded by whipping around to rest her head in the crook of Mandisa's arm. She let her eyes slide close in the pleasant sensations of post-orgasm, of her subs curled against her, their bodies different but both so sexy to her.

"Thank you, my Lady," Jinny murmured against Mandisa's neck.

"You're welcome, love." Mandisa laughed. "Thought I said something about no titles."

"Just that they weren't required." Jinny pressed her lips against Mandisa's cheek. "Doesn't mean I can't use your title in joy, does it?"

"No it doesn't." Mandisa held Chitra extra-tight a moment as the girl trembled. "You okay, sweet."

"Just very thankful, my Lady. Sore and lazy feeling at the same time." Chitra delicately kissed the side of Mandisa's breast.

"Tease." Mandisa sighed with pleasure. "Yes, very nice. I think tomorrow we will come up here, but it was be for some serious paddling."

"As you please, my Lady," Jinny and Chitra replied together before lowering their heads again to bask in these peaceful moments with Mandisa.

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