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Monday, September 8, 2014

Mandisa, Jinny, and Chitra... in the Isis Temple, part 1

I shared a snippet of a post-ceremonies scene for last week's #WIPiTuP and was amused to see so many "I want to see what Mandisa and her girls did upstairs" comments :D. So here's part 1- I very much plan to continue writing when I can get some time this week away from my Master, our teen, and our dog.... who seem bent on pissing me off and keeping me from writing.... here's part 1...


Jinny laughed as she ran to keep up with Mandisa. With a quick look over her shoulder, she called out, "Hurry up, Chitra girl."

"Now, now." Mandisa came back into the dividing hallway and stopped beside Jinny. She patted her sweetly learning submissive's shoulder. "You might do well to remember some of this extra effort to please me that Chitra uses."

"Yes, my Lady." Jinny lowered her head, her chin touching her chest.

Mandisa grabbed Jinny's chin and forced the woman to meet her gaze. "Do you feel I said that in cruelty or simple correction?"

"Correction, my Lady," Jinny murmured.

"I want you to crawl alongside Chitra to the Isis temple." Mandisa leaned against the wall, out of her girls' way.

Jinny's gaze fastened to the carpet as she lowered herself to her knees, her hands pressed into the pile.

Mandisa released a low groan, surprising Jinny into looking up at her Domme.

Jinny blinked. "My Lady?"

"You know I enjoy your lovely ass when you're crawling in jeans. So let me have my enjoyment," Mandisa finished meaningfully.

Jinny caught up to Chitra, who had paused beside the Opium den's door as the women talked.

"Not sure I'll ever allow you clothes." Mandisa cupped Chitra's ass with one teasing hand.

"As pleases you, my Lady." Chitra's body visibly tightened with Mandisa's touch.

"Relax." Mandisa traced her fingers over Chitra's asscheeks. "It gives me such pleasure to touch your beautifully brown skin."

"I'm glad my skin gives you pleasure, my Lady," Chitra whimpered.

"Let's be moving, girls. I wanna enjoy your bodies." Mandisa laughed, imagining the way the sound moved over her subs' bodies as they hurried to the next door. "Good girls." She opened the door and waited for them to crawl in. "Enough crawling though. Don't want you to hurt your knees unnecessarily."

Jinny moved into a relaxed cross-legged position on the stone floor, but Chitra merely paused where she was.

Mandisa stepped in and closed the door behind her. "What are you waiting for, Chitra?"

Chitra lifted her head. She pulled her bottom lip between her teeth for a moment before murmuring, "Um"

"Sh," Mandisa soothed as she grasped Chitra's shoulders and pulled the girl up against her. "A more specific order to obey?"

Chitra gazed into Mandisa's half-lidded eyes. "Maybe, my Lady. I... I still get so nervous... what will please you"

Mandisa silenced Chitra with a passionate kiss, the women's lips colliding with force as Mandisa penetrated with her tongue. She continued the kiss, holding her quivering sub tight. Her hands moved to cup the back of Chitra's head.

Chitra in turn wrapped her arms around Mandisa's waist. She rose onto tiptoes to offer her mouth for more thorough ravishment.

Mandisa dragged Chitra to the ancient Egyptian-style bed beside the stone altar. She placed her submissive on the thin linen mat. She turned toward Jinny. "The Queen gave us this time. I know what Chitra will say, but what is your answer to the question of do you work to please me directly or do we enjoy each other?"

Jinny laughed. "You know I'm always going to beg we enjoy each other, my Lady. I am greedy for any orgasm allowed by you, my Lady."

Mandisa threw back her head in loud echoing laughs. "Of course." She hurried across the room to pull Jinny to her feet. "New bottle of lotus massage oil."

"Yes, my Lady," Jinny gasped into Mandisa's mouth as the Domme tightened her hold on Jinny's hair. She eased to the stone floor with Mandisa.

"Chitra, grab the massage oil and come here," Mandisa called out.

"Yes, my Lady!" Chitra jumped up on shaky legs to faux stone steps that made a sort of shelving unit against one wall. She ran with crazy mincing steps to Mandisa's side. Carefully holding the glass bottle out from her, she sank almost into submissive pose.

"Not like that. Loose and comfortable, girl." Mandisa grinned at Chitra. "Do I need to announce no titles, just begging for orgasms to get you to tell that right now I'm just interested in us making each other feel good?"

Jinny chortled where she lay underneath Mandisa. "Sounds like an idea, my Lady." She lifted her head until she was able to wrap her lips around one large nipple, Mandisa's breast pressed wonderfully against her face.

Mandisa groaned. She glanced down at Jinny. "Hm, that's my girl," she whispered in arousal. She sighed at a brush of teeth on the delicate flesh. Reaching blind, she took the bottle from Chitra. With one strong thumb, she pushed it open. She let a thin stream of oil pour between Jinny's pert breasts.

What do you think can be Mandisa's plan? Return (maybe in a few days, maybe next Monday, not making any promises :D)


  1. Oh this was so hot Joelle! You have to give us more ! :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) and don't worry, like I said in my intro, I just need the space where Master/teen/dog aren't being constant distractions and I'll continue. I really didn't mean to end it there, but they just wouldn't let me be as I was trying to write this.