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Thursday, September 11, 2014

As a clothing optional person, I don't much see myself in erotic fiction

So if you've read more than one erotic story, whether it be spanking, domestic discipline, BDSM, or mixture thereof, you'll no doubt have seen the dominant partner pull down the submissive partner's underwear or order the submissive to pull them down; heck, even in the same gender pairings, you can find that. The funny thing is, as I sit down to write this, I'm wearing a tank top and a long skirt; I put on the top rather than walk around naked with the doors open during the daytime and I put on the skirt in case I needed to sign for the package UPS delivered for my Master. The considered- and the fact that I'm now cooking tatter tots in the oven, I probably spend at least 50% of my waking hours, as well as the entire time I sleep, in the nude. I identify as a clothing optional person.

"Pull your panties down to your thighs," The Queen ordered.

Vala struggled to hold in her giggles. "But my Queen, you never told me to put my g-string on after the last time you fucked me."

The Queen chuckled. "You're right. Okay, bend over so I can enjoy your gorgeous ass."

"How's this, my Queen?" Vala glanced over her shoulder at The Queen, wearing a cheeky grin.

"Shut your mouth before I gag you, brat. Joelle does not need any lessons in bratting from you." The Queen cupped and squeezed and fondled Vala's asscheeks."I think you just earned yourself a day only wearing your collar."

"And that's different how, my Queen?" Vala giggled and shoved back into The Queen's hands.

"Yes, my Queen," I inserted, hoping it didn't encourage The Queen not to cooperate next time I'm working on Vala's Story.

The Queen rolled his eyes. "Back to your post."

Again regardless of the sub-genre of erotic fiction, the act of pulling one's underwear down for impact activity is a standard. The tone of it can vary widely- seductive, liberating, humiliating, titillating, just to name a few. Regardless of the tone, though, I struggle to relate. I only wear underwear for certain costumes or to hold a pad in place during my period. The skirt that I mentioned I'm wearing? Yeah, it goes several inches beneath my knees, but it's lose and I wouldn't necessarily think anything of my Master tossing it up. But it seems so often in erotic fiction, that the "throwing the skirt up" is endowed with meaning, emotion that just isn't there for my Master and I.

My Master has joked about the fact that I undress (when I'm wearing clothes in the first place) too quickly at bedtime (when He actually comes to bed with me) for Him to do anything fun, sexy, romantic etc. It's only joking, although sometimes I make sure to slow down so He has the pleasure of doing as He pleases about my undressing. But for me, and not really even for Him so much, there is no moment of "oh naked skin!" not like you have in so much erotic fiction. As He teases me "you're naked under your clothes." :D

I admit, this isn't the most thought-provoking post, it'd seem, except this is one more site of difference for me that makes the majority of erotic fiction not seem to include my reality. LGBT literature is a growing part of erotic romance, although someone who identifies as queer as I do, who finds attraction in non-standard bodies, in non-standard gender expression, as a polyamorist, yeah I don't "see myself" very often. I've been babbling about the idea of a blog hop focusing on nudist/clothing optional characters, but despite a few random retweets of stuff on Twitter, it doesn't seem to have much purchase. Too much about the reasons a person can't be clothing optional. Sighs. Clothing is overrated.


  1. Loved the fun snippet Joelle :) I admit, I do enjoy the removal of clothing in fiction. Also, it does play a part for us in our play and bedtime routine :) I have never been comfortable with my nakedness. That is something Rick is slowly helping to change.


    1. that's great that Rick's helping you to work on being okay about your nakedness, Roz. I admit though, I struggle to relate at all to that. Like I've tried to explain to my Master, it's not even tied to my weight, my body image, how I'm doing with my anorexia.

  2. Not a thought-provoking comment from me, either: but I wanted to comment and say hi. I don't find much of my RL experience in BDSM fiction at all. Then again, "fiction." Heh. Especially since 50 Sheds of Dismay or whatever. I don't really care, because it is fiction. I just get annoyed when people reading things clearly marked FICTION think I'm writing a how-to manual for BDSM. Hullo? Oh and I've been to a clothing-optional resort. Good fun but had to stay out of sun (cancers, tats don't like sun, etc.). At home I'm pretty much "free" though. ;)

    1. yeah, I do my best to teach some, but even so, what The Queen does isn't a how to- even if it takes a few hours to get to your nearest munch- drive! lol yeah, resorts are issues for me 'cause I can't be clothing optional outside. But yeah, I don't really expect to "see myself" in all that 50 shades-esque crap, which is part of why I write because at least in my stuff, panties aren't a big deal :D