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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Katherine Deane visits with her "The Coach's Discipline"

What a fun book- I've read snippets so far but can't wait to read it- I'm so glad Katherine could come visit my blog with her wonderful and unusual spanking romance. And I pass my blog to her...

This is a special scene for me. We have already met Claire as the potential submissive who doesn’t do well in confrontational settings. But we are also about to learn how much she despises terms of endearment. It’s definitely a source of confliction for her. Here’s her first official meeting with her antagonist, Morgan. J

She was stretching with the rest of the team when a shadow came over her. She squinted up into the sun to see a beautiful blonde, in matching lavender jog bra and shorts, scowling at her. She could have been on the cover of Runner’s World.
“Hi, I’m Claire.” She moved over, making room for the other woman. “Would you like to join us?”
The blonde sat next to her, and gave her a saccharine fake smile. “Why thank you, sweetie,” she said in a very southern accent, and lifted her nose.
She tensed, knowing this woman was casually letting her know that she did not approve of her presence. She abhorred terms of endearment, like sweetie, honey, and darlin’. Especially from other women. Her roommate did it occasionally, being a southern belle, and having it as part of her vocabulary. But Jen tried not to do it too often once she’d found out how much it irked her. And when people she barely knew used them, they came across so condescending and “I’m better than you,” and so overly familiar, she found herself shuddering in revulsion.
She forced a smile, “Actually, it’s Claire. I’d appreciate it if you’d call me Claire.” She heard the collective inhales of several of the other women from the group.
“Sure thing, sweetie.” The blonde said, tossing her hair.
They stared at each other, neither one willing to look away first. She gnashed her teeth, kicking herself for not knowing what to say. God, she hated confrontation, but she didn’t want to let some beauty queen push her around either.
“All right ladies,” Nick interrupted the stare off. “Now that we have all been introduced.” He gave Claire and Morgan pointed looks.
She felt her cheeks warm, when he met her gaze, and looked down at her legs quickly.



  1. Enjoyed this scene Katherine. I think maybe they both need a spanking :) I have really enjoyed the snippets I have read and am looking forward to reading the book.

    Thank yo Joelle for hosting:)


    1. Ooo a double spanking? That could be fun, Roz :D Although some reason the idea "Nick wouldn't sully himself like that" comes to my mind. :) I'm glad I have a blog- not a Katherine, as I first typed lol- that Katherine could visit with this fun snippet :)

    2. LOL, Joelle, the thought does enter his mind at one point, but you are right. Claire is the only spankee for him. :)
      Thanks so much for having me today!
      LOL, I'm glad you have a blog and not me also. That sounds really funny!

    3. you're welcome, Katherine :) hehe I got you to laugh :D but you know, it was early in the day- my Master didn't want me to stop cuddling hence afternoon being when I finally got onto the computer :D aww that's so cute, that Claire's the only spankee for Nick