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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gates of the Garden: Book Two- are you ready for the 2nd "Vala's Story" book?

Yes, I look at that cover art and think how Amazon probably isn't going to have any of it :D And yes, that is my naked ass. :D

Trying to pick an excerpt from "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" to announce its ready to be formatted (just need to write the blog tour articles first) proved to be tricky for me. I thought and thought about BDSM elements of the story. I finally decided to share some of a scene with The Queen and Abrecan. If  you remember in "Out of the Night: Book One" (available at Smashwords and MyAwesomeFans Fanstore), Abrecan got himself into serious trouble. Here from early in "Gates..." The Queen is checking in on his stormy little submissive...


The Queen hurried through the great room and the first floor of the living wing to the stairs. He sighed deeply, his expression still mercurial, as he climbed the steps. In the family room, he paused to smile at the pictures of his slaves adorning the walls. I need to go through Tommy's pictures of Vala's ceremony. One needs to go here, he thought. He traced the frame holding the picture of Abrecan, kneeling so meekly in front of him after the paddling. He quickened his step as he walked to the red guestroom. He stopped in front of the door and knocked.

The door opened.

The nurse stood in the doorway. "Sir?" She stepped into the hall and closed the door behind her.

"I need to speak with Abrecan." The Queen opened the door and stepped inside. The nurse closed the door behind him.

Abrecan jumped out of the bed and assumed submissive pose.

His voice thick with emotion, The Queen ordered, "Walk to me."

Abrecan rose to his feet and walked to The Queen, his tearful eyes hesitantly moving to The Queen's face.

The Queen drew Abrecan into a passionate embrace. "My boy, my precious boy." They walked hand in hand to the bed; he gestured for Abrecan to sit beside him. "My anger has cooled. I am here to talk with you, not to punish you. Talk openly with me."

Abrecan, his eyes still wet, turned his head towards The Queen as he leaned into the dominant hand.

"How are you feeling?"

"I am feeling better, my Queen. Yesterday was very hard, my Queen. I was afraid you hated me, my Queen." Abrecan's sad eyes moved over The Queen's face.

"I do not hate you, Abrecan. I am very angry at your behavior, but that does not mean I do not still love you very much."

Abrecan smiled at The Queen, despite the tears falling down his cheeks.

A sob choked in The Queen's throat. "I have to explain why I responded as intensely as I did.

To find read The Queen's explanation, you'll have to read "Gates of the Garden: Book Two" when it release (hopefully in the next month).

"Gates of the Garden: Book Two" blurb:
Vala is very comfortable in her new life, her new name. She's hopelessly in love, with The Queen, with Iona, with life. She's learning about BDSM and knows The Queen has many surprises, lessons planned for her. She's looking forward to ceremony day...

The Queen considers, stresses, ponders. Sometimes he goes to Simon for help, especially since Tommy messed up so bad. He's considering things in the long term as he watches Vala blossom into what he wants her to be...

Things are settling down and they aren't for the rest of the stable. Tommy did so mess things up, but at least there's Vala's training to entertain, to occupy the stable as The Queen uses them in the ways he needs. Abrecan, Orlee, and Gaelan struggle to come to terms with what one decision did to their lives in the stable...

Please come along with Joelle on this journey, shared with the readers in serial fashion. A multitude of "Happily-ever-afters" are waiting with the completion of book 9.

Author's Note: This novel is meant for open-minded adults. Activities described include a wide range of BDSM and sexual activities, some of which are male/male, male/female, group sex, consensual slavery, oral/anal/vaginal intercourse, bondage. The story also covers some sensitive topics in characters' backstories, such as drug abuse, childhood abuse, religious abuse.

I hope you've been enjoying the BDSM Blog Hop! I'm so glad Grace Duncan got the ball rolling. Today's the last day of the hop.


  1. Great snippet Joelle, love the depth of emotion and intimacy between them.


    1. thanks, Roz. They are among the pairings who enjoy truly rough BDSM- I love showing these loving moments between them.