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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Begging for it- being explicit- I share some sex :D

giggling at my first thought to put NCSF into my title... but am I ever safe for work? Unless you work in a non-mainstream work space? :D And nope, I didn't try for really good grammar here :D I was a brat

I wake in a bad mood- sad how a sex dream could do that. My ass in the air, got the spanking, the finger fucking, and then His dick in my asshole like I was hoping for. Too little hope, I know. It's been a hard last half a year.

Oh but Master was in the mood and then His fingers between my legs. Damned traitor body- yeah, already all wet 'cause my body says "TIME TO MAKE A BABY!" Why doesn't my stupid body realize that I may be 36, but Master and I are planning no late in life babies?

Gonna come! Gonna come again! He's using His fingers just right on my clit, in my cunt, pumping away until I'm writhing, body flying up off the bed. But I want... oh I want something... gotta get those words out.

The words catch in my throat- how do I talk with His fingers smashed against my clit? "Master... please I beg You... plug my ass while You do that... get my ass ready for Your cock... so You can slid in... fill me with Your cum! Please, Master!"

"Where'd all that come from?" He's laughing a bit, disbelief in His voice. "Aren't you enjoying this?

"Please, Master," I beg again. "Want more, Master. I know You want me to say want more, Master. Just trying to please..."

He kisses me hard as His hand moves over me, grabbing one of the butt plugs from the head board. The next moment, He's fucking my cunt with it, the thickest butt plug, the one that'll stretch me so His cock slides into my ass.

I can't keep still, I can't move. I'm so overwhelmed that what I begged for is what Master's doing. Sometime in the midst of all this, I'd finally moved my right hand to circle His cock, and the palm sliding up and down with His pre-cum pulls a double gasp out of me as the plug slides into my ass.

He's fingering me again, fingers jammed into my cunt before sliding over my clit. His mouth, His kisses are great as He keeps me coming.

"Please, fuck my cunt, Master!" I whimpered into His mouth. I hear teasing words, know I should respond, but "please fuck my cunt, Master!"

He rolls me onto my side, we're spooning now and then His cock thrusts into my cunt and it feels so good that I come again instantly, one of the deep vaginal orgasms that I love so much.

"Yes yes yes yes," I squeal, pushing back into Master, pushing His cock and the anal plug deeper into me. I'm all sensation and hearing His groans as He enjoys my cunt. Can't tell you how long, but then I pull the plug out of my ass, half a funny thought about not throwing it onto my stuffed dog on the floor beside the bed, before I'm guiding His cock into my asshole. "Fuck yeah, Master, You feel so good in my ass. Feel so good!" I catch the laughter in my throat- just a moment's "yeah, with His cock in my ass, I find my tongue."

He's all groans and thrusts- I know He's enjoying fucking my ass, His cock sliding in so hard and good.

I'm not even to begging for harder, I'm fucking back, coming. "Wanna feel You come in my ass, Master. Wanna feel You fill me with Your cum!" My arm flails as I grab for His thigh, His ass, the bed, sheets piling up under my grasping fingers. "Love You, Master. Love You. Your cock. Fuck. Love You, Master."

His grunts. He's feeling good too. Gonna come. Gonna fill my ass with His cum. He's pinching my nipples, roughing up my breasts. So good. Then His hand is pushing into my hip, holding me still as He fucks my asshole, taking the pleasure He needs to finish, to fill me with His cum.

I shudder with His grasp. I love being full of His cum. Glad I begged.

In erotic romance, so often the dominant just knows what the submissive wants, without her saying a word. So often he manages to give it to her, as if he's mind reader. And what he just takes what he wants, it's miraculously just what she wants too. That doesn't always work in real life though. My Master and I have had our issues, as happens, especially when two or more people have been in a relationship for a long time- 13-ish years for Master and I. I've been working hard on saying more of what I say because it pleases Him- I'd love to see more of the specificity in erotic romance.


  1. Wish I could write sex like that - it's a struggle for me.

    1. aww thanks, Leigh. Well it helps when you're basically doing a memoir :D

  2. Aww christ, this made my clit throb and my vag contract. Now I have to do something about it!

    1. thanks for the comment :) good luck on doing something about it :D