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Thursday, July 10, 2014

#BDSMHop ... mismatched fetishes... shaving, water sports, and feces

When I was thinking about something BDSM-related to post about today, the amusing reality in my BDSM household came to me and this story morphed into a telling.

Sometimes I find myself feeling out of place in conversations among spankos- not based on what they/I do different, but around things such as "partner match up." With the last Spanking Romance Round Table conversation, I was reminded of that. I got my start with BDSM as youngster, especially in comparison to some spankos. I didn't harbor fantasies of my fetishes through a decade or more of a vanilla marriage; I already knew much of what I wanted before I even met my Master and so Shaman got a bunch of "I like ____" and got to compare that to His likes, before we had sex, before He collared me, before we were joined in legal marriage. Today I'm focusing on issues around water sports, elimination, and privacy.

The other day I was in the bathtub shaving. My Master knocked and then came into the bathroom; I thought nothing of it- it wasn't outside of my comfort level. The problem however was that He needed to pee. While I enjoy water sports, I am very particular- I prefer Him peeing on my in the shower, largely for easy clean up. Definitely not drinking His pee; besides that's a major squick for Him. Now water sports are my thing- He will pee on me as a reward and I feel a lovely sense of ownership.

I'm not entirely sure why He didn't want to just pee on my legs or something; I was sitting in the bathtub full of water anyway. He joked, "Do you want to watch me pee?" While I would have enjoyed that, I know His comfort around water sports is less than mine- He wouldn't have been comfortable. So He pulled the curtain shut, knowing I could hear Him peeing, while I couldn't see through the vinyl and fabric shower curtains.

Now since I'm already talking about something that's rather taboo to many (sexual, BDSM activity involving urine), I'm going to go further taboo by talking about enemas and defecating. A previous household (to living with my Master) that I lived in had a level of comfort about bathroom use that the door would often be left open, conversations would continue even as my then-husband or I were pooping. This behavior would be a hard limit for my Master. Obviously it isn't for me. From that comfort about defecating, I come to my interest in enemas and scat play. As you can guess, I'm well outside my Master's comfort level; thankfully we have a relationship in which we're comfortable with levels of interaction. For my interest in enemas, I have a home kit, I read about enemas, write about them too. I love enema porn, especially when it's in male/male BDSM porn. The idea of being a toilet for feces even pushes my comfort a little, although I've been intrigued to read about a few situations. However that's something I avoid in visual pornography; I'm just squicked a bit too much.

I'm not sure what I'd do if we didn't manage to negotiate what works for us. After all, I think the scene in "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" where Prisca gives Abrecan an enema is pretty damn hot. :D


  1. Trying to leave a comment, take two. For some reason google isn't displaying my comments on other bloggers blog lately unless I do it twice. Grrr!
    I didn't know there was a BDSM Hop going on until I saw your post today on G+.
    I think your very brave for sharing some of your personal experiences with the 'more tabooish' subjects here today, Joelle.
    As a fan of anal expeditions I too think enemas are hot. Not really the enema itself, but the reason for the preparation. I'll be watching for that scene in book 3 ~Grins~

    1. Well then you have a bunch of reading :) The rules for the hop were to post at least once and I know some of the participants already have. I'm widening up with several that don't, almost, definitely fit :D. Tomorrow I'm enjoying thoughts on protocols and my reality.

      Oh yeah, the preparations :D You'll love Prisca/Abrecan's scene in "Skipping" then, Melody. Funny thing is, when I explain about how the books are growing more extreme, their scene is one I mention. Blechy at google acting up for comments for you; thanks for persevering and leaving a comment.