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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And what will I pluck from "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" for the 1st WIP it up Wednesday

First I'm sharing the question that had me pondering what to share... "So asking this here rather than emailing Melody so we can all see the answer. But I was pondering something from my 3rd book in my Vala's story series, which is in more of a WIP state than the 2nd book, almost ready to be published. The thing I was debating with my BR, based on this hop's rules, was if there needed to be sex or romance happening in the excerpt- as I was thinking to show an excerpt that showed one character struggling with the intersection of religion, kink, and romance in her life."

Funny, even with Melody's positive reply on "doesn't need to show sex" or however she exactly put it :D, I still struggled to decide on a snippet. You see, I had 2 snippets that showed religion within a kinky, polyamorous person's life and I wasn't sure which I wanted to share. In the end, I decided on the joys and sorrows. It's a ritual that most if not all Unitarian Universalists observe in some way- here's an article talking about it if you're interested. One of its purposes is community building. And with that explanation, I move on to the snippet from "Skipping Down the Primrose Path: Book Three" of my Vala's Story serial- I hope to publish it some time this winter.

Vala squeezed The Queen's hand for a moment before getting to her feet. She got in line between Prince Synn. Am I really going to do this?

Prince Synn took Vala's hand in his and squeezed. "You'll do fine," he whispered.

Vala nodded and moved forward with him as the woman before him lit her candle before moving away from the table.

"John Roberts. I'm joyful to see my friend Thomas and his family here for a service after a long break from their attendance." Prince Synn took a candle from Reverend Evelyn, lit it, and pushed into the bowl of sand. He gave Vala's another quick squeeze before returning to the pew where his girls waited for him.

"Vala Sebastian-Carter." Vala licked her lips. She nodded at Reverend Evelyn's smile. "I'm now legally Sebastian-Carter, thanks to Thomas. While our family might be different, it's a family I'm proud to belong to." Her hand shook as she held the candle over the flame; Evelyn took Vala's hand in hers and steadied it as they planted the burning candle in the sand. Thank the Gods I'm in combat boots, not heels. She trembled her way back to the pew in which The Queen and his slaves sat.

The Queen wrapped an arm around Vala's shoulders. "Love you, my baby girl," he whispered into her ear.

"Love you, my Queen." Vala settled into The Queen's embrace.


  1. I was curious how you might incorporate religion into your story when I read your question about the hop. You did a wonderful job of portraying sensuality and the need for religion in all walks of life. Very touching excerpt and I giggled about the 'combat boots' ヅ

    1. thanks for the comment, Melody. There's quite a group of UUs within Vala's world and it just made sense that it would fit in somewhere. While my own involvement in the poly and kink affinity groups for UUs are fraught with frustrations, I still can't imagine not being a UU and our beliefs work well with being poly and kinky, even when other UUs try to make it hard. But yeah, I've never had the joy that Vala does, but yes, I have had the walk from the pew to the spot for joys and sorrows and back to my seat again in various heights of heels- in combat boots is better :D

  2. I'm glad you decided to share this snippet with us. It's always interesting to hear about how other people live, and we include so much of ourselves in our writing - why do we shy away from sharing our religious beliefs? Thanks, Joelle - I enjoyed. :)

    1. well I've always read it's to avoid offending others and discouraging them from buying out books- as far as authors are concerned- but it's hard for me to understand how a spiritual life isn't part of a person's love life and should be in romance imho. Just thinking of all the ways our religion can affect our romance lives. and thanks for the comment, Shelly :)

  3. Heels are overrated in any case ;) Really sweet, touching scene with lots of promise for more sensual, romance :D YuM!

    1. thanks for the comment, Christina. It took me getting used to belonging to a Master who doesn't like heels- I was always a high heels girl, but my Master prefers tennis shoes, flats, flip-flops on me :D