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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

An Ode to Sheri Savill... and Simon doms Tommy in the car

I love Sheri Savill! While I hate the "if only that she/he was gay.... " etc etc that many people say, yup, if only Sheri's sexuality and relationships were such that she and I could date :D Such a dream lol- although maybe it'd be too much like dating myself as our humor is so much the same often. But let me send you to "Romancing the Kink"'s website so you can read something Sheri had to say. She needs to take her time for herself; I so respect that, even if it makes me sad that the Dungeon Crawl isn't happening anymore. The Dungeon Crawl has been much better for me than many hops have been/can be; whether I'm projecting or really seeing something that's there, often enough I feel like I'm back in high school, the infamous one who no one sees eye to eye with because I'm so different and I didn't feel that so much with the Crawl. Of course, you need a few more links :D Here's Sheri's main website- I love the variety of things she posts, all the way from hardcore BDSM to snark and outrageous humor (Banana Guys, hello? :D) and here's the link to Mud Booger Cow (MOOO!!!) My teen of course has found out about MBC because he comes running when I start dying of laughter. And here's her author page on Amazon- check it out and buy one of her great books. :)

Now all that, I'm gonna give you some BDSM from me. I had planned on doing this for the Dungeon Crawl and decided I'd share the fiction anyway. I've been whoring "Out of the Night: Book One" of Vala's Story the past few days :D (here for Seductive Studs and Sirens and here for Taboo Tuesday) and it got me to thinking, would would be it be like in the car with Simon driving and Tommy along for the ride while The Queen stayed behind with Mearr whose only interest was to fuck him silly. And so you have the drive...

"You laughed first." Simon shook his finger at Tommy as he pulled the car out of the parking spot.

"But you were grinning!" Tommy protested. He chewed on his bottom lip. I'm gonna get punished by both of them for this, aren't I?

"No, little boy, you're the one who grinned." Simon merged onto the highway.

Tommy blushed and lowered his head. Wish my hair was long enough again to hide under.

"Pull your pants to your ankles," Simon ordered.

Tommy gasped.

Simon changed lanes and sped up. "Is gasping the end of your response?"

Tommy whimpered as he dropped his hands to his slacks' waistband. He lifted his hips and started to push the fabric down. He pulled at the elastic to pull it over his hard cock. "Please, love."

"Your ankles," Simon repeated.

Tommy lowered himself back into his seat. Why does this car have to have leather seats? He leaned over and continued to obey. He cast around for thoughts other than what Simon might do when he was finished obeying.

Simon dragged his fingers up Tommy's legs from knee to thigh.

Tommy shuddered against his seat. "Please, love," he cried out again.

"Patience." Simon let his fingertips travel over Tommy's sac, up the shaft. "You're not even begging articulately. A 'please, love' isn't much of a plea. I'll please myself with you anyway. The Queen didn't say not to."

"Do you think he's displeased with our laughter around his response to Mearr's behavior?" Only beseeching language would have made that begging for reassurance more clear.

"Your laughter, don't you mean? Since I managed to hold mine in until we were on the stairs." Without removing his gaze from the road, Simon moved his wandering hand to rest on Tommy's naked thigh. "Tell me about the marks I left last night."

Tommy released the moan he'd been holding behind his trembling lips. "Beside your hand are the marks you left with your favorite cane, matching marks on my other thigh." He pulled a deep breath and released it.

"Then there are the cane marks on the backs of my thighs as well. You enjoyed laying them just before you thrust into my ass."

"I like it when you talk about me thrusting into your ass. You feel so good underneath me. But what of your other marks? I didn't just mark your beautiful legs." Simon rubbed his thumb around the head of Tommy's cock, drawing pathetic moans from the aroused submissive.

"Please, it's so hard for me to talk, to answer your questions." Tommy stared at Simon's teasing fingers. So you stroke me instead? "So close to coming."

"Other marks?"

That lowered voice, your growl? "Nipples red, skin 'round them, from the bondage you used. Please, please, please!" Tommy's voice broke in a sob.

"No coming yet. I know you stretched to look at your back." Simon gripped Tommy's cock tight with an otherwise stilled hand.

"Yes, my back." Tommy's fingers pushed into his seat, his knuckles white. "So much pink and red, large splotches of it as you used that thick strap on my back. Over and over until I was writhing and pleading for release." He turned his head finally to look at his lover. How can you drive and tease me so? "Simon, please. I beg to come now and I beg you to paddle my ass for The Queen's pleasure when we get to the mansion."

"That's my boy." Simon's hand started up again. "Should I take pictures of your paddled ass for him to enjoy?"

"Yes, please!" Tommy thrust up off the seat, crying in desperation at his heated skin pulling off the leather.

"Catch your cum in your hand, love." Simon grasped the base of Tommy's cock as the boy wrapped his hand around the head.

"Yes, love. Thanks, thanks." Tommy groaned as his hot cum shoot into his hand.

Simon led Tommy's hand to his mouth. He cleaned the cum, taking it into him. "Good boy," he murmured after a last lick.

"Thanks, love." Tommy sank back into his seat, the peace of post-orgasm filling him.

"I'll love giving you a well-paddled ass."

Tommy whimpered. "I'll love receiving the attention. I love you." He smiled at Simon's quick glance.

"I love you too. We'll make you a good boy yet."


And this scene here shows part of why I love BDSM within a relationship... as the reader, you don't get to see exactly the activities Simon and Tommy engaged in the night before, but you can enjoy Simon using that prior knowledge to dominate Tommy, to bring him to a level of desperation, of pleading... finally pleading in the way that pleased Simon.


  1. Wonderful hot snippet Joell! Love how Simon makes Tommy describe his marks and what happened the night before. Always sexy looking back :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. These two are always good for each other :)

  2. Hmm left a comment and it didn't go!

    1. :( it does happen, but thanks for the comment anyway... I hope you enjoyed the silliness and the BDSM above :D

  3. Very hot play between these two. Very descriptive writing.

    1. thanks for the comment, Leigh. I do so enjoy the space for a scene that isn't all "in the dungeon," "with all the toys," etc and picturing these two going down the highway as Simon doms Tommy was just too fun for me :D glad you enjoyed it.