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Thursday, June 26, 2014

#SpanksA2Z Z is for Zipper... dress

I don't remember where/when I got it, but I sadly put it in a donation bag after my breast reduction- my boobs may have been smaller, but with them sitting higher on my chest, I could no longer get the zipper up and I couldn't leave it down for additional cleavage because the zipper didn't hold any more.

I do remember Shaman's enjoyment of the dress though. Dark gray, sleeveless, zipper that went from the bottom hem (that maybe reached my mid-thigh) to where it ended just above my boobs. I've never been particularly good at the "strip tease," but pulling on the long, slightly phallic-looking zipper pull, I could give Him a bit of a show that He enjoyed.

It always amuses me that most Amish eschew the zipper as too modern :D And with that, I've made it to Z in this Spanking A to Z challenge. I wonder what I'll do with these last 4 days of June, other than enjoying others' letters as they catch up. Of course, there's the SciSpanks' blog hop (it runs for 6/25 to 6/29) happening and I'm friends with many of the participating authors so I'll for sure be reading :).


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenge Joelle! Well done, not sure I could have done it! Enjoyed reading all of your posts and learnt some things too :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. Although I think the second part- reading others' blogs- that I just haven't been doing so well. Just so many things going on. And then yesterday, General Assembly- the big yearly convention for my religion- started. It's practically the only reason I awake now :D Morning worship starts technically at 8am EST with music worship before we get onto the service at 8:30- lol I joked on my Twitter last night about normally I'm all about sex, kink, and smut, but people are going to get a heavy dose of Unitarian Universalism over the next few days as well :D

  2. Just wanted to say congratulations, Joelle! What an accomplishment to make it to the letter Z!! I didn't even attempt the challenge, so my hat is off to all who did!! :)

    1. aww thanks for the comment, Shelly. I'm sure you have plenty else going. I'm about to get to Dungeon Crawl reading. I didn't remember that my religion's big yearly thing happens the last week of June so I'm kinda struggling lol

  3. When I was much younger, I remember having a dress (actually it was a culotte jumpsuit - really dating myself) it had a zipper up the front with a big ring at the top. It was like an invitation and here I thought it was decorative. After the first night, I remembered to put a pin in it so it couldn't be pulled down. :-)

    1. lol Leigh- such a memory. The things we don't realize when we're younger. Yeah, I sometimes wonder what clothing designers are thinking, especially when they put long zippers like that into girls' clothing. Thanks for the comment

  4. sounds like a great dress, Joelle!
    congrats on making it all the way!