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Monday, June 23, 2014

#spanksA2Z ... W is for Word Choice

Yes, I do love Celeste Jones and Spanking Romance Reviews, even if this post may seem harsh.

Some I'm starting this post knowing that I'm in serious danger of causing offense with my opinions here. I refuse to name names, but I'm sure some will feel this personally and I'm sorry for that. I sat thinking on a vent I posted on Facebook yesterday morning- "Aren't we [erotic romance writers] writing for adults?" So here is the word choice post that I hinted at in "a is for ass."

My word choice reflects my personal feelings, not what "the market will prefer" or any other such book selling-related idea. I prefer words like ass, fuck, cunt, asshole, cum. Although even there I have issues- my editor joked "what about cumming?" I said "no, because I use cum as a noun, even if it is slang. I use coming when it's functioning as a verb." When you read in my writing, "I begged him to fuck me," you can be assured that at some point, my Master has heard me say, "I beg You to fuck me, Master." And He's heard "Please fill my ass with Your cum, Master."

Occasionally, yes, I've been known to use medical language, when it fit the scene. But there's a list of words that I refuse to use in my own writing; it takes a great story usually for me to get by these words in fiction. I admit, they are all common word choice in spanking/DD fiction, and all anatomy words. Core, center, folds, any euphemism for the rectum other than asshole or hole. Those are the ones that come right to mind. When I have my regularly scheduled existential dilemma (snark fully meant :D), word choice is one of the things that make me think, "Maybe it's erotica, not erotic romance, that I write." to which my BR often replies "But you have too much plot and non-sexual story parts for it to be erotica." lol

And so, because I'm in a mood now, I'm going to share a snippet of BDSM from my first book, "Out of theNight: Book One."

Tommy let out a shuddering breath and smiled at The Queen.

"What makes you think I am going to give you anything to smile about?" The Queen cruelly yanked Tommy's cock.

Tommy grunted at the sharp yet pleasurable pain, but remained silent.

The Queen's hand brushed Tommy's cock. He looked down at the drop of pre-cum hanging from the head. He slapped it. "What's this? Do you think you get to fuck anyone tonight?" He pulled Tommy's head back by the hair and taunted, "Or maybe you're hoping I'll fuck you? Do you want to feel my cock driving into your ass? Do you want me to make you come?"

Tommy lowered his eyes although he couldn't lower his head. "My Queen, I only want to obediently serve you," he blubbered.

"Oh really? And where was this obedient slave earlier? Was he there when you sarcastically offered to have another slave service me? Or was he there when you repeatedly stopped sucking my cock to make annoying comments?"

Tommy stared at The Queen with pleading eyes.

"Go get your paddle! Do not rise from your knees except to remove it from the wall!" 


  1. Very hot scene Joelle! I'd call that erotica lol


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    1. thanks for the comment, Leigh. Although I always wanna argue, but that's only the scene I picked to share :D