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Sunday, June 15, 2014

#SpanksA2Z ... O is for Organization

So this may be funny. This is certainly the first of my Spanking A to Z posts that would seem to have nothing to do with spanking, TTWD, BDSM, anything at all kinky. :D But just give me a moment lol. My mother would like to say she raised me the way she did because of feminism- I don't think that's fair to feminism heh. As a young mother and wife, I had to quickly figure out a lot of housekeeping things that my mother didn't teach me about. When my first marriage failed and my son and I moved in with my Master, that learning got even more important. My son and I were both young in our own ways- he was a toddler and I was figuring out lifestyle BDSM, the level of protocol I wanted to live with, how to balance being a mother and being a submissive. Oh, I could have stood an old-fashioned thing of what chores to do on what days- I had no clue. It was then that I found Flylady.net - Master loves to say, "I've been telling you for years to do a little every day, but a website works were I don't?" Sighs, of course, no matter how many times I remind Him of the difference between our upbringings, yeah, it doesn't settle into His brain. His mother had the maternal training that I didn't; she knew how to run a house. Over the years, He's actually used the trick of telling me my MIL was coming for a visit when there wasn't a visit actually planned- there's nothing that can get me cleaning quicker lol. While I'd initially leave my house dirty if my mother was coming over, I care about MIL's opinion and while fly into a cleaning frenzy. Amusing especially since MIL would never make a comment about my cleaning while my mother would :D. And for some more amusement- I stopped aways into this writing to go clean dishes and then shine my sink- first step in Flylady. While I flutter and crash often enough, I keep telling my Master- "I do the best running the house, am the happiest when I'm doing Flylady, even if You think it's silly, Master."

Now if only I had Simon from my Vala's Story serial. His back story is that he was an Army brat who was pushed by a career officer father to join right out of high school. Well as a young man with a fluid sexuality, he doesn't feel comfortable in the service; with the roughly 2000-ish setting of Vala's Story, that places Simon in the Army, I think, even before "Don't ask, don't tell." However, there are definitely parts of Simon's personality that speak of Army efficiency. One of those is the cleaning schedule he maintains for the cleaning of The Queen's mansion- 3 2-story wings, 1 almost-wing that includes an indoor pool and a ballroom, a great room, and "servants' quarters." (Yes, it's quite the joke in my novels, servants quarters when there are over a dozen lifestyle submissives in the house.) But after some tech struggling and lucking into the solution on my own, I was able to make a .jpg of Simon's cleaning schedule for you all to see. Now I only meant this as a story writing guide so this picture isn't going into the books. The picture doesn't show it, but the actual spreadsheet is for the entire 16 weeks of Vala's training. I imagine that Simon would maintain a spreadsheet like this. :D It's a common enough whine of mine lol- if only I had a Simon.


  1. I guess I have my own way of organization, Lord help anyone trying to put it on paper, but I could never follow someone else's. I operate on the and then... syndrome.

    1. yeah, I do so much myself. When I'm "doing Flylady well," I'm better at finishing chores- I get distracted way too easily. Like I'll be in the kitchen cleaning, see something that belongs in the bedroom and I'll get distracted by something that needs cleaning in the bedroom and not get back to the kitchen. ATM with Flylady, I'm focusing on 2 solitary things, not her whole system- having all the dishes cleaned and on the drying mat so I can shine my sink before I go to bed and remembering to change the bedding once a week- I do it on Saturdays, often between promoting my Saturday Spankings post and starting to read others' posts.

  2. I am definitely OCD when it comes to the house, so chores usually aren't much of a problem. Trouble is though, that it causes other problems .. like me stressing if something else gets in the way of the chores lol


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. Yeah, other things getting in the way. Funny thing is, Flylady has so many one-liners and such, like "Side-tracked Home Executives" being the name for people who will benefit from her system, and yeah, I fit that lol