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Friday, June 13, 2014

#SpanksA2Z ... M is for Maintenance (spankings)

If you're here for my Seductive Studs and Sirens Friday the 13th free story, please click here. However, I bet you'll enjoy my DD-focused "Spanking A to Z challenge" post below.

My poor, poor Master :D I'm sure any HoHs or dominants reading this will have sympathy for my Master at my silliness :D.

I'm guessing most of us reading this hop are already spankos, kinksters etc, but I want to include a link first http://learningdd.com/blog/maintenance-spankings/ . That's to Clint and Chelsea's website- Learningdd.com- look at that :D they're taking part in this hop! hehe But after reading a bunch about DD and seeing how my Master and I were sort of living this combination of BDSM and DD based on what we'd found worked for us over the years, I started reading up on things like maintenance spankings. Now really, I should have just bucked up and said, "Master, please, I beg You! I need more impact play!" However, that's just not my way lol- as much as Master would like it to be. I think it was for the last Spanking Romance Review round table that Casey McKay said that her husband loves to research. Well depending on the topic, my Master sometimes fits that, but not with DD lol. So when I wanted to talk Him into giving me maintenance spankings, I sent Him a bunch of links on fb and having re-read it before writing this, yes I did indeed send that link from Learningdd.com to Him.

When these conversations were happening, He still had a "man cave" in what our teen son is now using as his "den" snorts. So I wandered into the "man cave" after fb-ing Master a few more maintenance spanking links. And this moment happened :D...

Master: "So what's all this about maintenance spankings? How's it any different than what you have already?"

Me: "Well it gives a bit of consistency, except You're not supposed to be too consistent, Master. Read the one from Learningdd.com again- Clint explains it well, Master."
[OMG I didn't realize I'd pulled out a Clint-ism, as someone else had joked on this hop! lol]

Master grabbed my arm, pulled me onto His lap, and grabbed His wooden back scratcher.

The wood crashed down on my thinly covered ass (I was wearing a sundress, I think) and I arched up in pleasure.
Me: panting... Thanks, Master.

I toddled out of the room, happy.


  1. We've talked about this but neither of us are very consistent!! I do love reading about it and the ritual of it. I may bring it up again now. Yes, I think I will! Thank you Joelle. :)

    1. But yes, the barrage of maintenance spanking articles is a fun one- and look :D I gave you the LearningDD.com one to start with lmao. Yeah, even my Master tends to be spur of the moment, although not quite as much as me. and thanks for the comment, Natasha. This was a fun one- oh my Master's exasperation with me :D

  2. Ha! I love reading Clint's and Chelsea's stuff!

    1. me too, Tracyg. I love how non-judgmental they are. For me, it was lovely to be able to incorporate pieces of DD into my lived BDSM and not feel bad about it. Their word choice didn't try to make me feel bad

  3. LOL, I think that was me, Joelle! :) I loved the Clintisms. :)
    How was the back scratcher?
    sounds nice

  4. and BTW, I love maintenance. I wish it was every week. no every day. maybe twice a day. :)

    1. the back scratcher is lovely as an implement. But then I prefer thuddy to stingy and the scratcher delivers on that. Sighs, I'm just wishing for something this morning and moody. The visit with my parents wasn't horrible although it wasn't good. slightly amusing to come home and find I hadn't schedule my O post