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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#spanksA2Z #dungeonCrawl Y is for Yellow Hankie

Yup, I managed what would seem to be a totally non-spanking related post :D. But I'd argue that I think in spanking fiction, the expected tropes are so confining that some IRL spanking couples might not see themselves. What of a couple that engages in mostly spanking but enjoys a few other kinks, like maybe watersports or golden showers? They might not look at their relationship as being a "BDSM relationship" however and I feel it's their right to identify as such or not.

So I get my Y from "yellow hankie." Are you familiar with the hankie code? It started off as a way of identification in the gay male/leather/BDSM scene. This is a good basic explanation on Wikipedia: hankie code article. To pull out the pertinent points for what I'm sharing- if you wear the hankie on the left, it's the top or giving side for most fetishes, on the right is the bottom or receiving side for most. Abrecan and I would wear our yellow (the color for watersports or golden showers) to the right.

Of course this goes nicely with the Dungeon Crawl. I shared a bit from the scene before this one (Taboo Tuesday's/X is for X-tie and this both come from a 4-part MM-focused series I shared on my blog) for Taboo Tuesday. With the relaxed rules for the Crawl, I got to share a longer piece :D I hope you enjoy the beginnings of the aftercare that The Queen starts in this piece. If you're interested in reading the 4-part MM series, you can click here to start at the beginning.

"Yes, please, my Queen. Fill my ass with your cum, my Queen. Please fill me, my Queen." The Queen threw bask his head, groaning. He held Abrecan's body close, his cock deep within his body. "Love you," he gasped, his eyes squeezed shut. He pulled out of Abrecan and jumped to his feet.


"Use your hand to make you come." The Queen grabbed his own cock, directing its softening length at Abrecan's stomach.

Will you, my Queen? Abrecan happily obeyed, his hand wrapping around his cock. He cried as the first shot of The Queen's piss hit his skin.

"Good boy."

Abrecan grunted, trembled. "My Queen!" His cum joined The Queen’s piss covering his body. The orgasm kept torturing him as the wetness covered him. The sensation of his hand stroking continued as he grasped himself hard. "Love you, my Queen. Thanks. Thank you, my Queen. Your slave, my Queen."

The Queen lay down beside Abrecan. He pried the boy's hands from where they still held his legs. He pulled his slave close.

"But you'll get dirty too, my Queen," Abrecan weakly protested.

"No problem. I want to hold you." The Queen showered Abrecan's face with kisses. "Love my boy. We will shower in a moment, lover."

"Yes, my Queen." My strong, gorgeous Master. His fingers moved through The Queen's chest hair. He shuddered. How can you always make me feel so complete, my Queen? I love you.


  1. I'm enjoying everyone's daily posts and surprised at what I am learning. Showing my ignorance here, but I wasn't familiar with the hankie code.

    Great snippet. Did enjoy the aftercare at the end:)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) Yes, all sorts of learning. Did you read Stevie MacFarlane's V post- I loved it- vacillating. I'm not sure how much the hankie code is still used- it really was a thing of the gay leather/BDSM scene- it made "cruising" easier. However when I do things like wear a belled anklet, I habitually put it on my right ankle. A secret, I put a normal exchange between my Master and I into the aftercare :D

  2. I had no idea hankies were significant. Cool! I love the excerpt too.

    1. thanks for the comment, Normandie. I've seen some really cool pictures of leathermen with four or more hankies, delineating bunches of their sexual preferences :D