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Saturday, June 14, 2014

#SeductiveSnS ... What is Lady Audrey doing to The Queen?

Seductive Studs and Sirens... a blog hop for LGBT romance, erotica, and erotica romance... 150 words of love from a non-heterosexual perspective. Enjoy my post and then check out the other hoppers with the links below

When Thianna said for Friday the 13th, we were going to open up beyond the usual 150 words, I was so excited. I knew I wanted to spend some more time with Lady Audrey and The Queen when he was just turned 18. I'd been frustrated to look at page views/comments on the 1st & 2nd parts of the story of his 18th bday (see the clickable links if you're wanting some more boundary pushing fiction). So maybe it was selfish, but I wanted more, and felt like sharing. Unfortunately the tension of dealing with my parents for Father's Day and continued worries my Master, our finances etc, had me struggling to gain each word in this story. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.


The Queen leaned against the door frame of Lady Audrey's bedroom. I've been in here as "friend." Is this that different than the other times? He took in her mismatched furniture. He smiled when he noticed the new pillowcases, their silken whiteness overwhelming.

"Come here." Lady Audrey's tenor teased at his suddenly reawakened arousal.

"Good thing you don't have to worry about me falling in love with you, since I'm not a little virgin." He eased himself onto her bed, the red silk sheets drawing a moan from his lips. Her body wrapped in silk. He held himself tense. He closed his eyes, the feel of his eyelashes against his upper cheeks comforting.

"And what are you doing saying don't and I'm, little boy?" Audrey cupped The Queen's chin with the palm of one hand. "Weren't we enjoying each others' company? Is there any need to nervously joke about what this could mean?"

The Queen dragged his tongue across his dry lips. He finally opened his eyes to gaze into her beautiful deep brown eyes.

"What was it that numerologist said? The date of your birth talks of surrender?" She gifted him the softest kiss, just enough pressure for him to think.

How long ago was it that you realized that you were not the boy the doctor said you were? "But I don't want to surrender," he whined.

"To anyone but me, maybe?" Lady Audrey's lips shaped a playful grin as The Queen batted his eyelashes at her.

"Maybe." He coughed as if to clear away the strangling tension that had filled his one-word reply. He trembled with his moans as her fingers slid across his skin. "You will lead me?"

Lady Audrey nodded as she grabbed a ball gag from her headboard, the shiny black ball catching The Queen's notice.

"I..." He licked his lips again.

"You're too wound up. Let me."

The Queen stretched his mouth wide open and waited. Am I really okay with this?

"Good boy." Audrey slipped the ball between The Queen's trembling lips. She tied the deep purple lace in a bow at the back of his head.

His groan escaped the ball. His gaze again locked with hers. He made the smallest nod, his fear, his confusion, his arousal, all beaming from his eyes, he was sure.

"That's my boy." Audrey clasped his hip. "Should I call you Thom? Remind you of your place for the next little while?"

The Queen thrust his hips toward Lady Audrey.

"I think you like that idea." Her hand slipped between his legs. Her thumb swiped over his slit until he moaned restlessly. "Yes, my sweet Thom. You shall have what you need but are afraid to ask for." She grabbed his hip again and pulled him flat onto his front.

He turned his head, afraid to get drool on her beautiful pillowcase. He stretched his body across her bed in response to the tease of her fingertips sliding down his spine. I can't even beg, just accept. He shifted his hips, lifting his ass, begging in the only way he could figure.

"Tap with three times with your left hand. That'll be your safe sign." She traced the curves of his ass until he made what she hoped was an affirmative grunt.

He relaxed into the sensations, trying to imagine what his body looked like as it responded to Lady Audrey's gorgeously dominant caresses. I'll earn a spanking yet, dripping pre-cum onto her sheets.

"I wonder if I should bind you to the bed, take another level of control from you." Audrey insinuated her finger between The Queen's asscheeks, reaching for the hole as his groans increased in volume. "Although I think that what you need tonight is to be a good boy for me under your own power." She stroked the pad of her finger against his sphincter muscles. "You're still so wet from my cum."

He whimpered in shock when the sudden absence of her filled the bed. He fought to keep his breathing slow and even. Surrender is good for the soul, right? He sent out his hearing to scour the room for Lady Audrey, for the reassurance of her.

"Just grabbing a toy I bought specifically for you," Audrey murmured to his other side, forcing him to turn his head in excitation, apprehension.

His sharp inhalation through his nose echoed in the quiet room when the beautiful anal plug came into view. The swirled ribbons of color within the glass plug filled him with such peace.

"Yes, my boy. It’ll look so lovely sliding into your ass, filling you as I whip the tension out of you. That's what you want, right?"

The Queen grunted and nodded his head against her bed, grateful to have the need to say so in words removed from him. His breathing caught for a moment and then accelerated to feel her long fingers again moving over his ass, between his cheeks.

"I love glass plugs. Less need to use lube in the first place, but something tells me that you're ready."

"Mmm hmm," he grunted as if he could still form words.

"Surrender," she murmured, the tip of the plug pressing at his hole.

He shifted his hips, his thighs, opening himself further for her penetration. Not having been told to keep position, he reached back and trembling fingers dug into his ass as he stretched himself. He shuddered against her bed as the cold glass slid into his rectum. It continued into his body until the flared press pressed against his cheeks. He shuddered against her bed again, groaning at the orgasm dancing in his tight balls.

Audrey's fingers danced down his inner thighs to stroke those same balls.

He moved his hips to escape her pinching, caressing fingers. Please, please, please, he chanted in his tortured brain.

"Don't come until I give you permission. Three taps, on the bed, on whatever part of me you can reach, that's your safe sign. Remember." Audrey slowly twisted the plug inside The Queen.

The Queen nodded and closed his eyes. waiting. The silk had warmed to his body. He whimpered when she grabbed his hair and pulled it to the side, off his back. Surrender?

Without any warning, a heavy flogger, suede by its feel, fell across his back. Not a punishing stroke, but a loving warning. It fell again, sharper this time. The sensations moved throughout his body, especially his hard cock pressed into the silk sheets.

Lady Audrey sped up in her strokes, moving the flogger up and down The Queen from his shoulder blades to his upper thighs.

He saw his skin darkening as she would, basking somewhere between the experience of the pain and remembering when he had done so to another's skin. He stretched out long, as if to give Lady Audrey more access. He moaned as the tension dripped from his body.

"That's my boy." With her free hand, she cupped one asscheek. "Your relaxing body pleases me." Her steps echoed slightly as she moved to the end of her bed, her fingers slipping along his legs. She tapped one long nail against the sole of one foot.

He pushed himself down into the bed.

She slapped the sole multiple times until his body instinctively tried to pull away. "I wondered what might draw that reaction from you. Now listen to me. I want you to roll onto your back. I'm going to use a penis whip on your front. I'm going to torture you until I'm pleased and then when I tell you to come, you're going to shoot all the delicious cum filling your poor balls. And you'll do it without a touch to your cock. Nod if you understand."

The Queen gasped at the directness of Lady Audrey's command, but he quickly nodded, his teeth pushing into the ball.


He threw himself over, limbs awkward as he landed on his back, both their gazes pulled to his hard cock standing proudly from his body. He screamed around the gag when the first lash with the cruel, thin penis whip decorated his stomach with a pink line.

"That's my boy." Lady Audrey licked her lips as she flailed away across The Queen's front, starting from his shaking thighs.

The Queen arched his chest. Please, please, my chest too. I'd beg if I could. He fell down flat when the leather kissed the small of his stomach. He writhed against the bed, his head thrashing against her pillows.

The knot at the end of the whip kissed first one nipple. His arching almost lifted him off the bed.

"You like that?" Audrey laughed. She concentrated on his chest, the whip again and again caressing his nipples.


The Queen screamed. His lower body shot up off the bed as he blew his cum, covering himself, the bed, Lady Audrey's hand as she reached to touch his stomach. Then he fell flat.

"My boy. My sweet little Thom." Audrey leaned over to kiss his forehead. "A little rest and then I'll be putting you in full bondage. Yes?"

The Queen nodded before closing his eyes, basking in the bliss of his orgasm, her touch, her domination.


  1. Great hot snippet Joelle! Loved how Lady Audrey reminded The Queen of the safety sign too.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. I wasn't sure when I set out, but it was interesting. The idea that a dom should experience submission at a mentor's hand is something standard in BDSM, but I'd never played with that with The Queen, and he's a big proponent of the practice

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    1. thanks for the comment, Evelise. Glad you enjoyed it

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    1. thanks for the comment, Dakota. Glad you enjoyed it

  4. WHEW!! *wipes brow* This is HOT!!

    1. thanks for the comment, Pat :) I don't think these two know how to do anything but be hot :D