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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rayanna Jamison guests to share her new book "Bride Two Soon"

My introduction for this lovely book

What can I say- I love reading about poly people, however they live their poly. So when I say Rayanna talking about publishing a polygamous spanking romance, I knew I had to invite her to guest. Of course I bring a unique perspective to my review and I mentioned that in the review I've posted on several websites, as well as below this introduction- I've been polyamorous the entirety of my sex life. I've never once lived in a monogamous relationship. So my perspective mentioned, I ask that you read the excerpt and blurb for "Bride Two Soon" with an open mind; like the polyamorous permutations in my own writing, Rayanna's story-world works from the understanding that consensual polygamy is healthy and acceptable.

My review for this 5 star book!

When I read on Facebook that an acquaintance was writing a "polygamy spanking romance," I was thrilled! As a devoted polyamorist, I love reading about polygamy, the ways it's different and the same as what I live my polyamory. So as soon as Blushing Books released the book, I went and bought a copy. The blurb absolutely sold me on the book- best friends about to become sister wives after the first wife was married to the husband only a short time? Wow! I loved the way Rayanna worked through the issues of the best friends, Molly and Beth Anne; I enjoyed seeing the work these women did to regain their friendship and expand it as sister wives, both in love with the same man, Ben- who was gloriously clueless about the workings of women's relationships and needed his father's staid advice on returning the peace to his household. I didn't see anywhere in blurbs etc that this is a clean book, in other words, without sex scenes, but I find I enjoyed the story, the romance, and the friendships so much in the book that I didn't miss the graphic sexual scenes at all. I can't wait for the next book!


Mollie was in the kitchen Wednesday afternoon, agonizing over what to make for dinner. If it was up to her, she would do something easy and quick that took absolutely no forethought, like hot dogs and macaroni or hamburger helper. She wanted to impress Ben, and obey him, but she didn’t want Beth Anne to think she had gone to any special trouble for her.

She sat there for a while wrestling with her conscience, going back and forth between fuming over the unfairness of having to cook diner for her back-stabbing ex best friend and being driven by her overwhelming need to make her husband happy. What dish could she make that would say go ahead and marry my husband but don’t think for a second that I like it or that we will ever be friends again.’ to Beth Anne while at the same time sending Ben a completely different message?

She tapped her chin in contemplation as she perused her cookbooks with an evil grin. Suddenly, a light bulb went on in her head, and she knew just what she could do. Beth Anne had some food sensitivities and allergies, but, rather than be one of those people that was obnoxious about it, she tended to do her best to hide them from most people. It was just one of those things she would rather be private about. She was a very private person. As a result, Mollie was probably the only person besides Beth Anne’s immediate family that knew the extent of her dietary restrictions.

Mollie giggled to herself. If Beth Anne stuck to her usual ways, there was no way she would say anything in front of Ben. Mollie would bet money on it, if she believed in that sort of thing. After some careful deliberation and planning, she decided on a chicken broccoli casserole, a nice spinach salad with fruit and pecans, and strawberry cheesecake for dessert. Each component of the meal would have something that would at the very least trigger Beth Anne’s stomach issues, but the cheesecake was Mollie’s piece de resistance. Cheesecake was Beth Anne’s favorite desert, but she was deathly allergic to strawberries. That would send just the right message to Beth Anne and Ben would never suspect a thing.

For a moment. Mollie hesitated. She stared at the menu, and her stomach clenched uneasily. Could she really serve Beth Anne strawberries? She wanted to illustrate exactly how angry she was at Beth Anne’s supposed vision, not kill her. Maybe the strawberries were a bit too much.

A dark tendril of anger coiled around her. Beth Anne hadn’t given a single thought towards wrecking her life, so why should she care? Besides, Beth Anne wouldn’t touch the cheesecake if it had strawberries on it.

Decision made, Mollie began to hum as she donned her new apron and got to work.


This is a story of love and life- long friendship against the odds.
What happens when two life long best friends Mollie, and Beth Anne find themselves married to the same old fashioned man?
Can they remain friends? Will jealousy get the best of them? Will their husband be able to fix the problem with a good old fashioned spanking, or two?

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About the Author:

I am a happily married mother of 2 children. Our family recently relocated to the southwest, I have always wanted to be an author, but quit writing for a long period of time, and only recently picked up again. Bride Two Soon is my first published novella.


  1. This sounds interestig ... lots of scope for tension! Loved the blurb ... the inner battle. Thank you Joelle:)


    1. Rayanna did a very good job weaving the pieces of relationship in this. Too often imho menage/poly becomes just about the sex and the author fails to build the non-sexual part of the relationship; Rayanna didn't commit this failing imho

  2. Thank You Roz! And thank you Joelle, for having me on your blog!

    1. you're welcome, Rayanna :) Glad to have you on my blog