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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kit Perry visits to talk about his book "The Empathy Spectrum"

When I read Kit's promo in an author promo group I'm part of on Facebook, I immediately sent off the friend request, invite to guest on my blog, and clicked on that link to go buy this fascinating book. My interests, beliefs, values are rather complex and sometimes seem to be in contradiction. I often feel for instance than my feminism/intersectionality are at odds with my BDSM identity. To see so many issues AND sex involved with one book, like Kit has done here? Wow! Another author after my own heart. :D

‘She’s a really dirty bitch isn’t she?’ said the voice. ‘Just listen to the filth coming out of her mouth when it’s not filled with black cock, she’ll never be the same again you know!’

            Zoe moaned every obscenity imaginable as she broke for air and begged for more, unable to get enough of the depravity she now craved. Sebastian watched and listened to his wife’s unbridled pleasure as she screamed orders to men only too keen to carry them out. The drug had turned her into some sort of wild animal … someone possessed. Every so often she’d look up and stare right into his eyes with an expression of ecstasy on her battered visage — possession, that was the best way to describe it, he thought. Sebastian looked at her face as she was fucked from behind: her eyes were crazed as her tongue rolled around outside her mouth, licking her lips as she repeatedly grimaced in both pain and ecstasy. Two of the men had finished with her, they’d climaxed, their cocks were limp and they looked exhausted. The remaining one, the last to fuck her from the rear, was like a machine, yet she still wanted more.

Blurb for: The Empathy Spectrum.

In a hedonistic authoritarian society, two young women meet in prison and fall in love. Tegan Meredith, a vegan activist and Caitlin McKenna, a strict vegetarian, are being held for fighting back against the abuse they’ve both experienced. The penal complex is their temporary sanctuary from a cruel and compassionless world — controlled by an organisation known as Gorsk Enterprises.

When they’re taken from their incarceration under unusual circumstances, the two women find themselves part of a select group of highly empathic people — chosen to create a better world in which all species can live free from the cruelty of man. But first they must find a way to destroy the tyranny that’s prevailed for so long. If they fail in their attempt, the Earth and all its creatures will remain under a dominion of evil forever.

“The Empathy Spectrum” is a novel that contains all the following themes: veganism, animal rights, governmental control, large corporations, factory farming, genetic engineering, philosophy, psychology, environmentalism, feminism, a scary future and sex? A book in which its message can be summed up in just one word: “abuse” — not just the abuse of non-human animals by the cruelty humans inflict on them, but also the abuse of people and the planet we live on.

This book is not available on Amazon for ethical reasons.

Author’s Bio.

“The Empathy Spectrum” is my first novel and I began writing it in 2011 when a very early retirement from a career as a therapist left me with enough time to pursue doing what I always wanted to do. When I started to think about the sort of novel I’d like to write I remembered the old maxim: always write about what you know, so I did. I’ve always loved animals and I’d been a vegetarian and animal rights campaigner for over twenty five years until I started to carry out the research that was needed for my novel, then I quickly became a vegan. The other interests and subjects that I know something about are: the current state of the world, philosophy, psychology, environmentalism and all forms of domination. I’m therefore fortunate enough to say that I was able to write a novel based not only on what I know, but also one that contains as much factual information as possible.

I now live in an area of the UK known as South Wales with my wife Katie, who helped me a great deal with the novel, and our three legged rescue dog called Hector. My time is now spent promoting “The Empathy Spectrum” worldwide, working as a proofreader for other writers and thinking about my next novel.

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