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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#dungeoncrawl ... When Vala watched The Queen & Tommy #MM #BDSM

woohoo, Dungeon crawl. yeah for Romancing the Kink. Sucks that I'm so crazy that I couldn't write this until I was finishing it after when I should have. So sorry for the late posting, but here is some rough BDSM and sex, The Queen enjoying his Tommy, and Vala watching. when UPDATE- I realized after reading LA's comment this morning that I gave very little scene set up- I envision this to be happening in The Queen's loft in Manhattan, when Vala was first recovering there, when she had experienced much BDSM, had only started to watch The Queen play with Tommy and Simon, when The Queen so pleased.

The Queen grabbed Tommy, his fingers tightening in the handful of hair. "Come here."

Tommy swayed in the air as he struggled to compose his body. "Please, my Queen," he gasped.

"Shut up!" The Queen pulled down so Tommy bent over at the waist as he pulled the trembling boy across the room.

Tommy moaned, loud enough for Vala to hear even with his tightly pressed lips.

"Look at all this pretty, unmarked skin. I am not pleased with that." The Queen grasped Tommy's ass, squeezing. "You should have welts, handprints, marks." He threw the naked boy onto his bed. "Spread your legs wide, slut!"

Tommy threw his legs wide apart. He slid against the red satin sheets.

"Wider!" The Queen slapped Tommy's inner thighs, back and forth, harshly so the noise echoed through the otherwise quiet loft.

Tommy groaned into the bed as he obeyed.

The Queen slapped Tommy's ass, cupped hand, flat hand, his lips pulling into a snarl.

I love how he enjoys himself; I want him to enjoy me like that. Vala pressed her lips together.

The slaps moved over Tommy's skin, The Queen enjoying the feel of back, ass, thighs, calves, his whole twitching, moaning boy.

"I love to beat you, boy. Love to see you writhe with what we both know you want so bad."

Tommy turned his head, his cheek against the sheets. "Yes, my Queen."

"But something tells me my hand will not be enough, will it, boy?"

"Please, my Queen. Hand, crop, whip, whatever pleases you." Tommy tilted his hips, his ass lifted subtly.

"You want me to fuck you?" The Queen thrust one finger into Tommy's asshole.

Tommy grunted with the sudden penetration. "Please, my Queen!"

The Queen brought his cupped hand down in a cruel slap beside his thrusting finger.

Tommy choked as he bubbled over with a moan.

"Eventually." The Queen dragged his finger out of Tommy, dragging the dirty finger across the boy's inner thigh.

Vala pressed her thighs together.

Licking his lips, The Queen grabbed a large black paddle from the table beside the bed. He pressed it against Tommy's ass.

"Please, my Queen." Tommy pushed his fingers into the bedding.

The Queen pulled back the paddle in the air, posed for a moment, before swinging, his grin returning with the echoing slap of solid wood on skin. One smack after another fell as both men grunted with their own pleasure.

"My Queen!" Tommy writhed against the bed, his legs shaking as he fought to stay in the ordered position.

"Yes, I like how your skin is reddening. I want it red and hot before I fuck your ass!"

"Yes, thanks, my Queen."

The Queen dropped the paddle in favor of a many bladed flogger, small knots decorating its ends. "Though maybe not just your ass." He cracked the leather against his boy's pale back.

Tommy reared up off the bed, from his pelvis up. With a high pitched scream as the whip kissed his back again, he fell down flat.

"Good slut." The Queen plied the whip against Tommy's thighs. He grasped his boy's calves and pulled him to the edge of the bed.

What can he be doing now? Those knots must hurt. Why isn't Tommy crying?

The Queen grabbed Tommy's bruised asscheeks and pulled them apart. The seductive snarl returned, he spit at his boy's asshole.

The submissives groaned.

The Queen pushed two fingers together and then slapped Tommy's asshole with them.

"Please, my Queen." Tommy arched his lower back.

"Please, what?" Another spit and then The Queen thrust his cock into Tommy. He grabbed the flogger from the bed. "Whip you while I fuck you?"

"Yes, please, my Queen!" Tommy pushed back against The Queen.

"Good slut. Fuck yourself on my cock while I beat you." The Queen delivered a punch to Tommy's side with his left hand.

Tommy pushed up onto his forearms as he worked his hips. "Thanks, my Queen. Thanks!"

"Do not come, slut!" The Queen laid into Tommy's back with the whip, the knots falling across the boy's shoulder blades.

"Not coming... thanks for pain... for fucking... my Queen!" Tommy grunted and whimpered.

The Queen dropped the whip again. He worked up and down Tommy's back with punches and slaps. "Should I fuck my cum into your ass?"

"Please, my Queen. Use me for your pleasure, my Queen!" Tommy cried out with a harsh slap to his side.

"I love to fuck you when your skin is all hot, red." The Queen grabbed Tommy's hips in both hands, the skin turning white around his pressing fingers. "Gonna fill your ass."

"Fill me, my Queen. Please fuck your cum into me. Please!" Tommy sobbed into the sheets piled by his face.

Releasing Tommy's hips, The Queen dragged his nails up and down Tommy's sweaty back. He grabbed his boy's hair with one hand, pulling the head back painfully. "My slave, my slut."

"Yes, my Queen! Please!" Tommy shuddered in The Queen's grasp.

"Take my cum!" The Queen dug his nails into Tommy's skin as he groaned, his legs tensed. He fell forward, pushing Tommy down into the bed. "Can you come for me?"

"My Queen?" Tommy whimpered.

"Come for me." The Queen sank his teeth into Tommy's neck.

Tommy screamed, his body going rigid beneath The Queen. "My Queen," he whispered, his eyes squeezed shut. "Thanks, my Queen."

Vala blinked. That was crazy rough.

"Vala, grab that white tube and bring it to me," The Queen ordered.

Vala jumped up from the armchair and ran to the nightstand just out of The Queen's reach. She grabbed the Arnica tube.

The Queen eased himself off Tommy and moved them both onto the pillows. "Good, good boy." He kissed his boy's moist cheek.

"Thanks, my Queen," Tommy murmured.

Vala gasped, her gaze moving over Tommy's welted body.

Tommy turned his head toward Vala. "Remember that I wanted this."

"Yes," Vala whispered. She opened the tube and then glanced at The Queen.

"Rub it in nice and slow. He will enjoy it." The Queen chuckled at Vala's surprised expression.

Many things to enjoy.


  1. Holy Cow, Joelle. This is delightfully graphical. The flogger with the little knots and the way the Queen uses it on Tommy's back created a very nice visual in my mind.
    I really like how you ended the excerpt with Vala being surprised at being delegated to rub the cream into Tommy's welts. :-)

    1. thanks for the comment, LA. Reading it reminded me I didn't do so well at scene set up when I was throwing this post together a bit late. Vala's only just taken her new name and is living at The Queen's loft with him, Simon, and Tommy. While she has tons of vanilla/sex work experience, she is still a newbie as far as BDSM is concerned. In a way, The Queen is saying to Vala "this is the extent Tommy and I like to take it- what do you think of it?" Yes, her surprise was nice to write. I wish my muse hadn't punked out me- I had such notions for this scene lol