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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#dungeoncrawl ... a post in which Joelle figures out who's fucking, enjoying BDSM with whom

Yeah for Romancing the Kink! I love crawling :D.

I'd had another thought for this Dungeon Crawl, but this has been bugging me. The Queen and Vala has been talking at me about The Queen's birthday and him growing a beard. I hope you enjoy! :) Sometimes what shows up in BDSM erotica/erotic romance, is all about hot sex and over-the-top BDSM activities. I wanted to show submissives/switches caring for their dominant.

And The Queen did need a birthday cake :D

I wasn't very good at drawing The Queen's pubic hair. But I have- count them :D- 2 cock-n-ball cakes because I hadn't noticed the package came with 2 pans. I've only frosted this one so far. Banana cake with butterscotch frosting and chocolate frosting for the pubic hair. My Master laughed when I asked if He'd share banana penis cake with me; teen is refusing to have anything to do with this one. :D

"Happy birthday, my Queen." Vala smiled up at The Queen from where she knelt between his legs.

"Thanks, my baby girl. And why does it look like my sweet slaves have something planned for me?" The Queen grinned as his gaze moved over Vala, Simon, Bandele, Soma, and Eoin. Six is a decent orgy.

"We just brought you breakfast in bed, my Queen." Simon wiggled his fingers along The Queen's jaw, his fingertips disappearing amongst the wonderfully coarse beard covering his beloved Master's face. He pressed an adoring kiss to the skin just above the line of hair. "Happy birthday, my Queen."

"Lay down with me. I am sure these four are skilled enough at serving that you can relax." The Queen pulled Simon down his bed and against his side. "So whose idea was this?" He teased Simon's neck with swipes of his beard.

Simon groaned, his body from ass to heels pushing down into The Queen's bed. "Ah—"

"Oh!" The Queen grinned. "I forgot how much my beard teases you. Was it good of me to grow it out?"

"Yes, my Queen." Simon panted for a moment, his eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks. "Bandele and Vala came up with the idea."

"I argued that maybe we shouldn't do candles though, my Queen." Vala giggled as she placed a bed tray over The Queen's legs.

The Queen chuckled. "I think I am doing fairly well for forty-four." Will that make any of them anxious? "I still turn you all on, don't I?" He held in further laughter as a charming sprinkling of red decorated Eoin's pale cheeks. "I know I turn you on, boy."

"Yes, always, my Queen." Eoin leaned against The Queen's stroking hand, his expression tense with building lust.

"So, a gift of un-commanded service?" The Queen arched an eyebrow as busy slave hands set a plate, silverware, his favorite large blood red coffee cup, and a small drinking glass in front of him. "Anything more planned?"

"Maybe, my Queen." Vala returned The Queen's grin as she shimmied her hips in his direction.

The Queen caught Vala's hand and forced her to stillness. "Tease."

"Only until you make me do something about it, my Queen." Vala leaned over to trace The Queen's fingers with the tip of her tongue, slowly moving from one finger to the next.

"Did you think this all up thinking on your birthday next week?" And how I will spoil my adorable baby girl? The smell of crispy bacon rose to The Queen's nose before he looked down to see a beautiful hash slipping onto his plate from Soma's serving spoon.

"But yes, we've planned some fun things for this afternoon, my Queen," Simon murmured as he prepared The Queen's coffee, his gaze moving between pouring sugar, creamer, coffee and The Queen's face. "Prince Synn is bringing his family. His and Sorcha's twins are looking forward to seeing Erik. We have cake and ice cream, a few flavors of each."

"Red velvet?" Yes, I did just sound like a six-year-old.

"Yes, I made sure to make one of them red velvet, my Queen."

"Bandele, massage my legs as I eat," The Queen ordered.

"Yes, my Queen," Bandele practically chirped as he moved to the end of the bed.

"What of the rest of the stable? Of what of you? Have any of you had breakfast? And where is Erik this morning that you are all naked?"

Soma giggled. "So many questions, my Queen."

I love her bit of confidence now. "And my questions deserve answers, yes?"

Soma chewed on her bottom lip for a moment. "I made the five of us breakfast while the others saw to yours, my Queen."

"And we told everyone else we hoped casual breakfast was good since we were bringing you breakfast, my Queen." Bandele paused with his large black hands moving up The Queen's leg, stopping just above the knee.

"Hoped? I love the word choice, my boy." The Queen took a big bit of the hash, enjoying each ingredient as the flavors mingled on his tongue. "I hope to shortly enjoy your gorgeous bodies."

Bandele leaned over to press his cheek against The Queen's calf. "I think we should all like to help you enjoy that, my Queen."

I wonder if this is what Audrey pictured for me when she named me The Queen. He adjusted his hips beneath the tray, his cock taking more interest in the naked slave flesh around him.


  1. What a fun birthday. It's nice to see this side of the relationships. :) I really enjoyed that scene.

    1. thanks for the comment, Normandie. I had fun imagining them all a decade from my serial.

  2. I love red velvet cake! Even more, now! :D

    1. hehe, it's red velvet cake :D but yeah, thinking of cakes for The Queen, plain chocolate was too easy... red velvet seemed it :D even if it was banana I used to make my penis-n-balls cake lol. Thanks for the comment, Emily

  3. I loved the birthday gathering for breakfast (so sweet) and that you went all out in baking a banana cake (good choice of flavors for a cock 'n ball cake ;) By the way, I thought of you last week while I sat in a massage chair ... similar to what you described in a post. Yup ... I finally found one. YUM!

    1. lol massage chairs can be good. I was amused to notice that what I'd been thinking was butterscotch was buttercream frosting. Still hoping my Master might have some cake so I don't have to eat all of it lol. I enjoyed this- considering the chances these five took- a little secret that even Vala doesn't realize until book 2 of the serial- there is no way for the slaves to leave their floor of rooms without passing through The Queen's bedroom :D

  4. What a delightful gathering. I must say though that to me this is the very best gift. "A gift of un-commanded service." It lets one know that all is good in the world with one's submissive and that they serve you and do things for you because the want to. That is the best gift of all.

    1. thanks for the comment, Jolynn. I'd debated that phrase "un-commanded service," if that was the best way to say it. It's a bit tricky- my Master is really low protocol, while The Queen maintains a medium protocol household. So "un-commanded"? Especially since re-reading this, I find I didn't show The Queen just waking up, only that he was still in his bed

  5. OMFG that cake! And "teen is refusing to have anything to do with this one." ::: shock :::

    1. Shaman has been teasing- "why'd you go and circumcise the cock?" since I've eaten the head so far :D And He was further joking about wanting to eat one of the balls, so He could say "I had Joelle's balls in my mouth." lol, good to have moments where He's joking again. But yeah, teen's not eating cake lmao. I can just imagine The Queen's amusement with it :D

  6. OMG, love the cake Joelle! The teen not having anything to do with it cracked me up

    What a fantastic birthday breakfast. A great way to start what sounds like a wonderful birthday. Loved this :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) yeah, the cake lol. Master hasn't had any yet and teen still refuses :D And yeah, it seemed like 10 years after Vala's Story that these would be slaves that would give The Queen a bday breakfast :)