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Monday, May 26, 2014

An 18 year old Queen and Lady Audrey part 2

Okay so my teen was a freaking fictional sex interruptus- I swear he has a censor "mom's writing a good fuck so I'm going to interupt her." But I got back into Lady Audrey and The Queen fucking, enjoying each others' bodies. Some links for you: International Day against homophobia and transphobia, my blog post for the Hop Against Homophobia & Transphobia (which inspired Lady Audrey and The Queen fucking), and here's part one of them fucking, because it was oh so good to watch them getting it on :D. I loved finishing this up, bringing them both to their wonderful orgasms, and those sweet moments of afterward. Enjoy!

refresh from last week
"Enough!" Audrey pulled The Queen up by his hair before pulling him against her. With his legs wrapped around her waist, she positioned him so she could pry his asscheeks apart.

 "Did you get my cock wet enough for your pretty ass?"

"Yes, I hope so," The Queen whimpered against her lips. He cried out as she lowered him down onto her cock. He shuddered against her. "I've dreamed of this moment." He looked into her eyes just before his eyelashes slipped down against his cheeks.

"This moment?" She wrapped her hands around his hips and held him still.

"Yes, this moment. Please fuck me. You feel even better than I imagined." He wrapped his arms around her neck and held on as she fucked him, thrusting in and drawing back so slow.

"Should I fuck my cum into you?"

"Yes, fill me, make me your bitch!" The Queen whimpered with hoarse moans as Audrey enjoyed his body.

"Lean back. I want you to fuck yourself on my cock," Lady Audrey ordered. She traced a dominating finger down the middle of his chest as he obeyed, his strong hands pushing into the couch.

He made small hip movements as he rode her, the sweat beading on his chest with his exertions. His expression tightened with his arousal.

Lady grabbed his cock and started to tease with slow strokes.

"Aud, gonna come if you keep doing that."

"I hope so." Audrey laughed. "Come on, boy. Fuck me good."

The Queen grunted, the muscles of his torso straining beautifully as he worked himself on Lady's cock. He focused on the beautiful fullness of her cock filling his ass. "So good," he grunted.

Audrey stroked faster, her hand gripping him harder, her fingers clutching at the head of his cock. She clutched his hip with her free hand. A beam of sunlight danced across his stomach suddenly. She groaned, her eyes rolling up into her head.

"Yes, fill me, please!" The Queen thrust his body onto Audrey's cock and joined her in shuddering as the cum spurted out of his cock, quickly covering them.

"Come here." Lady gathered The Queen up into her embrace and held him tight. "Happy birthday, my boy."

"Thanks," The Queen gasped, his face pressed against her shoulder. "I can't imagine a more perfect present."

"What about your Tommy, now that you've found him again?" Audrey blinked her eyes.

"He might take some time to understand non-monogamy, but he'll get there." The Queen kissed Lady Audrey's lips, moaning into her mouth. "And he'll love you too."

"Gonna spend the night with me, boy? Can I have my adorable little queen curled up against me?"

The Queen laughed. "You do remember what many 18 year old boys' sex drives are like, right? I wouldn't leave your bed unless you kicked me out of it."

"Sweet. You know how to make a girl feel good." Lady moved her hips a bit and their sharp moans harmonized at their cocks teasing each other. "Let's move to my bed then. I'm ready to make my birthday boy come again."

"However you want me. Just please let us fuck until we are too exhausted to do anything but sleep."

Audrey kissed The Queen's forehead. "I'd be happy too. Good thing I picked up that hot tub cheap. I think we'll enjoy it at some point."

The Queen pressed himself against Audrey's chest. "I knew making love to you would be a little piece of heaven."

"And well worth waiting for?"

"Yeah. More than worth it. I think I could even switch for you, be the adoring subbie boy you want."

Lady squeezed The Queen's ass in both her hands. "I'll hold you to that."

"Please." The Queen shuddered as Audrey's softening cock slipped from his asshole. "Your bed? Please?"

"Sure." They groaned again as he backed up on the couch from her. "I'm gonna make you scream before the night's over."

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