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Monday, May 12, 2014

A fantasy, a conversation at bedtime with Iona

I'm not sure why I got to the point of desperation before I started having sex, making love, being a voyeur in bed with my characters. It started with The Queen whispering "close your inner eye and let me be as if your Master." But Iona comes to me many nights, to help make up for my shyness with women, for extreme lack of options in this conservative hellhole in which I live.

I lay on my stomach, my legs spread wide under the comforter. I wrap my arms around my pillow, my breasts scrunched up against the pillow's edge.

That's my girl. Settle in, Iona murmurs as her virtual hands move across my back.

Her hands are so soft, their caress like teasing whispers that press my legs further apart.

You know your Master loves you?

Yes, my Lady. I know. It won't always be like this and you will help me for now.

That's right, sweet girl. Relax your shoulders. You feel so good, beneath me.

I turn my head to the side, my cheek pressed into my pillow. Iona's fingers prod and rub my neck, my hair out of the way. Oh, my Lady, I moan within the sanctity of my mind. I sigh at the feel of her pelvis fitted tightly against my ass. My Lady, please.

I know, you need so much, need a release from every stress that you've consumed today. Can you feel me rubbing against you? The Queen suggested I not shave, that you'd get some more pleasure.

Thank you, my Lady. Yes, so good. Thank you. Thank The Queen too please. Yes. I feel the throb begin and then build between my legs. I hear the TV in the living room change. I split my mind, Iona enjoying my prone form on one side, my Master healed and enjoying me writhing beneath Him as He fills my cunt with His cock.

Good girl. Yes, you with your wonderfully complex sexuality, your exquisite fantasy life. Can you imagine Ani Difranco playing as I make love to your beautiful body?

I want to argue. Beautiful?

Stop that track now, girl. All people are beautiful in their own way. I love your softness, the strength beneath it. Is that "Paradigm" that just started? Ani's simplicity in this song often leads me to orgasm. There. Just a little more pressure.

I imagine Iona's finger sliding into my ass, my Master's cock. I lift my hips. My pillow catches my moans, my quickened breathing.

Yes, come for me, for your Master. You'll give me your release, your pleasure; you'll be wet and ready for him when he comes to bed.

Yes, my Lady. Thanks, my Lady. Thanks. I shudder against the bed, this different orgasm leaving me sated in a way I can't begin to explain. I feel wet, I feel like a line from an erotic romance. Thanks, my Lady. I settle down into the lonely bed, ready to sleep.


  1. This was both intimate and hot. Love the combination of Iona and your Master. I'm sorry things are so hard right now with your Mster's health issues.


    1. thanks, Roz :) Iona's a good girl. It's funny how many ways I've written her as my "perfect domme"- which in practice means she really doesn't exist. While things may have turned out different if I didn't live in Michigan, the domme I was looking for simply didn't exist- the dommes I tended to run into were of the "lick my boot, worm" stereotype of a heterosexual sex femdom porn that I wasn't interested in.

      Master has His good and bad days. It'll be good when we get to the point of Him done with the current dose of blood thinners- I think like 2 months- and then they'll do an ultrasound and/or an MRI to check how it's doing. If He can get off that stupid medicine- common side effects are headache, nausea, and feeling cold constantly- and He has all 3 :(