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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#taboo2sday ... This isn't a romance novel

Ah yes, Taboo Tuesday time again. So wonderful that we have this day to engage in things that might just be outside the pale of what's considered "normal." http://tdbloghop.blogspot.com/ 8-10 sentences from a taboo, dark, or edgy erotic work, or a 100-word blog post about a specific taboo, dark, or edgy erotic work- depending if a person is sharing from a WIP or a published book or is blogging educationally or a review.

I decided today to share from a Camp NaNoWriMo WIP- check out https://campnanowrimo.org/sign_in if you're unfamiliar with this fun writing challenge. I wrote a spin-off of my Vala's Story serial. Psst- my BR hasn't even read most of this book, except for some snippets as I was writing and I asked for her help without telling her too very much :D . 5 hopefuls are brought to the mansion to see if The Queen wants them. This scene shows his slave Viviana and the nicknamed "Ms. Fifty Shades" Danielle, who did a lot of lying on her application. Viviana starts. Please forgive the few sentence too many- it was tricky to carve this right.

"Did you read some trashy erotic romance with a whip-wielding Master and decide you wanted that?"

"Why should I answer you?" You aren't the Master.

"If you haven't figured it out yet, this is not a romance novel. You aren't going to steal The Queen away from us. We're all one big family and if The Queen even decides to keep someone as dense as you, you have to learn to be kind to other fourth class slaves."

"I don't remember Simon saying anything about that." Danielle watched the Latina's expression change to anger. Fuck, did I just say something I shouldn't?

"That would be 'my Lord Simon' or 'our Lord Simon' coming out of your filthy mouth, but I'm sure he explained it to you. All the other hopefuls are working together with us fourth class slaves. Why aren't you? ..."

What do you think are the layers of taboo from this snippet?


  1. "Ms. Fifty Shades" Danielle

    OOOH! Loved that.

    1. although of course, it's actually sent in the early part of the 2000s, so I need to figure out another way to handle the FSoG reference. I know there are people who thanks to those books have "found BDSM, kink, TTWD," but as a woman who lives BDSM as part of my identity, my reality, those books just pissed me off. It's The Queen who says it, I think maybe even "Week-long" as this WIP is nicknamed, that how horrible it is when mainstream culture grabs onto something that has been part of a marginalized sub-culture, without really crediting the hard ships of those people. But yeah, Danielle has this screwed up notion of what BDSM looks like and the books she's read have little if nothing to do with The Queen's reality

  2. I love the flavor, but I'm not sure where the taboo is, Joelle--I guess maybe in taking poor Danielle and introducing her to the real thing? Making her a fourth-class slave will definitely put her in line for some taboo lessons, at least. . . :D

    1. you know, Emily, I'm still sussing apart the layers of taboo in this snippet myself. Most definitely part of it is Danielle's notions of BDSM, which are narrow and wrong (The Queen takes her to task several times for saying to him, "but I never read about that in any book." I think there's also the notion of hierarchy; outside of BDSM, I find hierarchy too often to be something not clearly discussed, which I find to be a detriment to human relations. Like Viviana is pointing out to Danielle how the other hopefuls are acting "right," "being kind" to the other 4th class slaves. There is also the thought that I started in my reply to Raya. In anthropology, there's talk of "in group" and "out group." I am a lifestyle submissive, I am "in group" on conversations of BDSM. As Viviana challenges Danielle "did you read some trashy romance novel...." Neither Vivana or I see Danielle as "in group" to BDSM. Danielle is misappropriating the ideas and tropes of BDSM into an identity. Don't get me wrong- I see nothing wrong with the person(s) who want to bring an element or two of BDSM into an otherwise vanilla sex life. But The Queen's reality is that of lifestyle BDSM, not vanilla with BDSM elements. Danielle tried to move into a different group in an exploitative manner- that to me is a serious taboo.

  3. Hi Joelle, I loved the reference to Ms fifty shades and Danielle's perceptions of BDSM. To me the taboo is in the hierarchy. The different classes of slaves and the deference between the classes.


    1. great point, Roz. That's definitely one of the things I was thinking of with Danielle. She doesn't understand the whole hierarchy, the fact of polyamorous leather family. As she says in another part of the story, "no one actually has multiple slaves. It said so in a book I read." It was one thing I played with as I wrote the "chapters" in the hopefuls' and The Queen's pov, on a rotating basis.