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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#Taboo2sday ... Jeans against naked skin

With the release of "Out of the Night: Book One," its book tour across the net, I wanted to treat readers to something from the next book, "Gates of the Garden: Book Two." As I've joked with Emily Tilton in the past, my idea of taboo is vastly different from others. As I said to my BR, "I guess I'll have to look for what I think of as 'soft taboos' in Gates to have something for the hop." This snippet caught my attention- The Queen is clothed and Vala is naked. I don't get why this is a taboo, a turn on for some, but I know it is :D.

Vala threw herself across The Queen's lap and folded her hands on her neck underneath her hair; she gasped with the roughness of his jeans against her skin.

"I am just wearing jeans." The Queen laughed. "Your skin cannot be that sensitive."

"I just wasn't expecting it, my Queen."

The Queen laughed again. "You are a silly little girl." He rested his hand on her ass, pushing her pelvic area against his legs. "How often have you felt jeans against your skin?"

"Ah... constantly, my Queen."


  1. BDSM
    Rope Bondage
    London Dominatrix

    I have been viewing your blog and your hypno files for many months and now I feel weak without something to increase my desire to be a sissy.

  2. Seriously? Bare skin against jeans is taboo? lol the first thought that came to me was: "I think the people who would find that taboo probably aren't on the internet"...but maybe they are ;) :D

    1. Well not jeans so much as the clothed dom, naked sub, especially when it is male dom/female sub, it seems to me. Jeans only happened 'cause that's The Queen's preferred garment lol. but yeah, I hear you. I don't get clothed dom/naked sub being a thing, in erotic pictures, it isn't specifically a thing for me even

  3. I completely agree, Joelle! I love how we're pushing the boundaries in every direction! "Going commando" is definitely still a taboo. . . kind of. . . :D

    1. lol well for some it is :D I imagine naked Vala across The Queen's jean-covered lap would be an issue for some