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Monday, April 28, 2014

Making love to a story part 2

I'm all about experimenting with forms of sexuality, especially when the form embraces modalities that are unexpected, or maybe more correctly aren't expected to work, or be "enough." This is the finale of my experiment in what it might look like if I made love to a reader as she read a story of The Queen, Iona, and Vala, because while a think "female bodies" (including those who are cis female, trans female, and anywhere along the gender continuum that they don't embrace *male*) it is a certain femininity that I'm thinking of, that I want to picture holding me, making me orgasm. I wrote the "Vala piece" before writing the lovemaking between her and I. I wasn't sure I would, but I did wind up with a story too long for one blog post- if you haven't read the first part, start here please.

Iona broke the kiss just enough to whisper, "What do you need to come, my baby angel?"

"Just this closeness, just your permission, my Lady," Vala groaned. She gazed into Iona's eyes again, her breath catching. "But I want you to feel good too, my Lady. Want to enjoy the radiance in your eyes when you come, my Lady."

"I will, I do, sweet baby girl. You make me so happy." Iona pressed her leg harder between Vala's legs. Her hands slipped down to the sweetly submissive ass and moved her girl against her body. She sighed as Vala's shimmies stroked her own pleasure. Her head fell back against the pillows.

Wait. Hold it. I know you want to come, baby. It's been so very long, too long, hasn't it? You feel so sweet beneath me. Although if I press a finger up into you, you could come again and again, as long as you were allowed, as long as you're touched.

Yes, please. I can't help but pant. You have me so helplessly turned on. I imagine your finger sliding up into my cunt, another finger, but you haven't said I could come. Would you punish me if I didn't wait?

Yes, punish but not like in some erotic romance, no spanking to make you feel sorry since a spanking wouldn't make you feel sorry; it'd just make you come again and again. Not a punishment at all. But I'd like to make you come. To feel your body tremble as your mind, your body stop struggling against the pleasure I want you to feel, that I want to feel too.

Vala rained adoring kisses on Iona's vulnerable neck. She traced patterns with the tip of her tongue. "My perfect love. My Lady." The slipping skin against her thigh heightened her arousal just that much more, knowing that Iona basked in arousal too, found pleasure in her touch. She ventured back to her domme's teasing mouth with kisses. Her lips parted even as her eyes closed in response to the orgasm that waited close, dropping her into Iona's sweet embrace.

Iona kissed Vala hard, bodies hot and rubbing, hips pumping in time. "Come for me, baby?" With a hint of teasing pressure from tiny teeth, she tugged on Vala's lower lip. "Come for me. Come with me." She feverishly resumed the kiss, her hands clutching her sub.

May I please? Will you please? Please. We shouldn't waste this time; we should come so hard together, even as my fingers typed and I imagine holding the vibrator between my legs, or better imagine your long, pretty fingers stroking, pushing, sliding, pushing in. Please, please.

You want to feel me come against you, our legs twined, our bodies so close. Or is it that you really want to come but don't want to sound greedy?

Want us both to come, want to enjoy your body trembling as you enjoy me, enjoy that moment when my cunt tenses, my clit tightens, the pleasure becomes almost too much, and then releases through my ravaged body. I know you want to come as soon, as hard as I do.

Her sense attention everywhere and nowhere at the same time, Vala shuddered through the orgasm, moaned into Iona's mouth. Her shudders grew harder when her domme joined her in the release, their love and arousal filling the bed as they rolled. She froze, her legs pointed, when their writhings brought her back in contact with The Queen's strong chest. She sighed at his fingers moving into her hair, as always reminded of how the long red curls on her head pleased him so.

How gorgeous your Master looks as he enjoys our screams, the wetness of our orgasms audible even with your moans.

Thanks, thanks. I'm gasping, I'm coming so hard. I'm kissing you, want to kiss your breasts, feel them against my tongue as I shuddered in my helplessness, against you, beneath you. I feel my Master aroused pleasure at our orgasms, the first of many, I hope.

Iona buried her face against Vala's shoulder as the aftershocks of the amazing orgasm danced through them.

"Sweet baby girl. Love you, baby girl." She pressed a soft kiss to Vala's lips.

"Love you, my Lady. Thanks, my Lady." Vala sucked in a gasping breath.

"I do so love to watch my precious girls make love." The Queen kissed Iona's then Vala's foreheads. "It never fails to please and amaze you the many ways in which you please each other."

Can I get in on this now?

I study your face, wait for your answer.
You're open to virtual sex?

I'll try most anything once.

"Thanks, my Queen." Iona stretched over Vala to kiss The Queen's cheek. "It's good to please you in this way."

"Always good to please you, my Queen and my Lady." Vala relaxed into the dominant embrace. Safe in their love.

I'm not so worried about safety as Vala- I'd just like two warm bodies, my Master's handsomely, masculine and hairy body and your luxuriously feminine frame, your strength hidden to the casual glance under lithe muscles.

Safety comes in many forms.


  1. Loved this story Joelle, what a great concept and way to combine two stories! Hot, intimate and sexy!


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) I do so enjoy my experimenting and this was a fun one :D