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Monday, April 21, 2014

Making love to a story part 1

I'm all about experimenting with forms of sexuality, especially when the form embraces modalities that are unexpected, or maybe more correctly aren't expected to work, or be "enough." This is an experiment in what it might look like if I made love to a reader as she read a story of The Queen, Iona, and Vala, because while I think "female bodies" (including those who are cis female, trans female, and anywhere along the gender continuum that they don't embrace *male*) it is a certain femininity that I'm thinking of, that I want to picture holding me, making me orgasm. I wrote the "Vala piece" before writing the lovemaking between her and I. I wasn't sure I would, but I did wind up with a story too long for one blog post- so please come back next week for the finale of the story.

Joelle, I have to tell you how I love your characters. Especially The Queen, Iona, and Vala. Whatever they may be doing in a snippet, a short story, a portion of Vala's serial, it's all good. I quickly move from wanting to fangirl to imagining you.

Vala studied The Queen, hoping for the moment to continue a bit longer, until she'd had her fill of his controlling beauty. His silky black hair hung down, although too far away for her to stroke it without permission to move. She was struck by how his gorgeously profuse body hair and pale skin contrasted with her Lady Iona's deep Grecian beauty.

The Queen lay back on his bed, his head supported by a lushly plump white-cased pillow on the far left side of his bed. "Show me your passion for each other, but do not act for me. Do not even acknowledge my presence unless I order you to do something."

When The Queen orders something like this, I picture on your bed, your Master beside us, ready to enjoy himself. He enjoys watching when you're intimate with a woman right?
Yes He does, although it's been far too long since I've loved, lusted after a woman the way Vala feels for Iona, to be able to be so wrapped up in her that my Master becomes "that man on the bed beside us, not noticed," as The Queen is here. But I'm sure your lips are as soft as Iona's, your body fitting against mine as perfectly. My toes curl against my ottoman as I feel the supple skin, the luscious weight of your breasts in my hand, even as my fingers move over the keyboard. I imagine our bodies pressed tight.
My hand moving under your loose skirt, yes. But then you're always wet, waiting for someone to make love to you, aren't you?
Yes, please, my beautiful feminine fan, with your long hair, so much longer than mine, yes? And ready to kiss me with passion only a woman can feel for another woman.

"Yes, my Queen," Vala and Iona murmured together as they gazed at The Queen's loving expression.

Vala knelt between Iona's legs and wrapped her arms around that beautifully feminine torso that she so loved. The tan skin, those soft breasts that she always wanted to stroke, kiss, the voluminous mahogany hair so much like wisps of cotton that it drove her crazy with lust. "I love to be close to you like this, my Lady. It feels so good to be in your arms, my Lady."

Iona lifted her chin, her amethyst eyes moist. She leaned into Vala's embrace as she held the girl tighter. "I love to hear my title from these beautiful lips." She kissed Vala, their lips caressing, yet still the motion full of claiming, a domme taking pleasure from her sub. She leaned the girl down onto the bed, onto their sides. 

"That's my girl." She eased her tongue into Vala's mouth as the kiss continued. She moaned as the shaking submissive hands moving to the back of her head.

We can make love, have sex, be close in your chair. The lovely brown chair- like Iona's hair maybe?- will hold our bodies, will keep us close. But we need to push this skirt up, need to give me access to your skin. Iona and Vala touching, their fingers gentle yet grasping. My fingers momentarily itch before the tips come into contact with your skin- pale like Vala? I love to feel your nipples growing hard against my hand.
Like that. Feels so good. My hands bury in your hair. Wanna be close to you, as close as we can be. Your arousal at Iona and Vala touches me, heightens the tense hotness that keeps dragging my attention back between my legs, to my pulsing clit, into my wet cunt, so ready for whatever you'll give me as we press together in this passionate embrace.
I can't get enough of your trembling body in moments like this, your arousal just for me now. I want to kiss up and down your body, to hold you as she cries out, moan, scream from the pleasure of it. I kiss your neck, your hair wrapped up in my fists as I enjoy your vulnerability, your submission.
Need to come, please, need to come.

Vala threw a leg over Iona as she sought to be closer to her beloved domme. She moaned at their skin sliding up and down, whimpered to imagine Iona's thoughts at her girl's wetness. Love you, my Lady. Her eyelashes fluttered with the growing hunger in her body, the pressure of Iona's thigh against her lips, her clit.

Iona broke the kiss just enough to whisper, "What do you need to come, my baby angel?"

How do you think Vala might answer Iona's question? What might the mystery woman do to me next? Next week, all will be revealed. :D
and for later readers, here's part 2 http://joellecasteel.blogspot.com/2014/04/making-love-to-story-part-2.html


  1. Oh wow Joelle, this is great, and hot! Two stories in one, very interesting. Looking forward to part 2!


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz :) It was a good sexy write :)