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Sunday, April 6, 2014

La Drama Princess visits my blog

Submit to The Dark Side: Stories to Explain the Stains

Excerpt from the short story, When You Talk About Maelee

“Take your pants off!”

He slowly took his orders.

His baggy jeans dropped to the floor. His shirt was next. When he was done all that was left was his tank top, link silver chain and white sweat socks.

She was even more disgusted by his silly appearance standing there in his underwear and jewelry, but became turned on at the thoughts of what she could to him.

She swiftly removed herself from the sofa and bounced up to him in rejuvenated glee, standing close enough for him to feel her breath on his moist skin. Then suddenly, she turned to walk away down the short, hallway to her bedroom.

A few moments later and she was back with a velvet pouch. She threw it down onto the couch and walked up to him again.

“So what did you come over here for again?” Maelee tapped her chin and raised her eyebrow as if she didn’t know what brought him to her house after dark.

She waited for a reply, wasting her time because he never opened his mouth to play into her game.

“Well assume the position. Wait, you do know what position don’t you? Yea, you do, since you are always one of the ones talking,” she rocked on one of her heels, completely full of herself. He was at her mercy, at her footstool.

He paused for a few seconds and then fell into the position she was talking about.

The hem of his t-shirt brushed the head of his dick. He was already wet with pre-cum which he would have to fight to hold back his orgasm. He prayed he wouldn’t be like all those dudes he had laughed and talked about whenever her name came up, which was most times when he brought it up.

He was face to face with her lower belly. She was bald underneath the sheer fabric of the dress. Turning around quickly and retrieving the velvet sack, she whipped around to face him, slightly slapping him with what was in her bag.

“Oops,” She held her hand up to her mouth like she didn’t mean to do it. She was tickled pink inside.


What does it take to make her cream, to make her moan and writhe in ecstasy on her office floor? What turns him on to the point that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone to try something he didn't even know he was into? What makes a woman risk the wrath of a jealous wife just to attain satisfaction? Only one thing can drive a person, man or woman, big or small to do things that they ordinarily do: a body-rocking, earth shattering, dripping, wet orgasm.

Lorraine, Maelee, Tera, Dawna, Cherica, Damian, Chantal, and Markette all find themselves in hot pursuit of their lovers' intimate affection and carnal attention, but the only way they can attain such is after letting their inhibitions slip away into vulnerability. In each southern city contained within Submit to The Dark Side we find our cast of characters, enthralled in either a new or budding sexual relationships where ultimate submission is what they must each bring to the table to please and be pleased in this collection of off the beaten path short stories and flash scenes.

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Good ol' La Drama Princess. I'm a sexy, mental dominatrix. Or is it a sex goddess? I only go by what they say. In my heart, I am submissive, but I bring all the boys and girls to my yard without doing anything I know to be very special. 

Is it my eyes, the way I always have to wind my hips when I dance, my big jiggly booty, or my ability to make anyone feel like they are the most important person in the world, just by listening to them? I don't know, but I do suck a mean dick. I won't tell you what I do to twats. 

My writings are usually short in the form of stories or novellas, but I may be getting out of that with my next book of the three I will have self-published by May 2014. Yep. I feel a new trend coming for me. I write whatever character sexuality that pops into my head. I am not strict with that, but I am strict in keeping some drama in my books. I also write about characters with honey kissed and deep, dark semi-sweet complexions. All of my stuff, except for one upcoming book, is set in the American Deep South. Basically, the dirty, damn south. 

Yada, yada. On and on. At the end of the day, I write creatively unique, fuck books for anyone with good sense and an open mind to enjoy. There. Yea, I'm going with that. 

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