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Monday, April 14, 2014

Gita! Chitra is pushed to her safeword.

I produced another week of Mandisa, Jinny, and Chitra for you to enjoy. (Here's part one and part two) . Remember that in Vala's Story-verse, this is happening while Vala is recovering in The Queen's Manhattan loft. I found this intriguing to write, dipping into Mandisa's often brutal behavior before the lessons she starts to learn in Vala's Story. I do love to picture harsh levels of impact play :D thankfully I have Mandisa and Raanan to allow me that space.

Mandisa gathered up Chitra's hair in one hand and pulled the girl from her bed. "There is some unpacking you need to finish for me."

"Yes, my Lady," Chitra whimpered even as she focused on keeping her body relaxed in Mandisa's grasp. She gracefully sunk to her knees when allowed to. "What would it please you for me to do first, my Lady?" She lowered her gaze to the floor with her last word.

Mandisa growled. "What a pretty, little submissive phrase. Hoping to be beaten less?"

Chitra looked up to Mandisa's face as The Queen had trained her; her bottom lip quivered. "No, my Lady, just to please you, my Lady."

"Finish putting away that open box of clothes there. Jinny's done most of the work already."

"Yes, my Lady." Chitra crawled across the floor to the box Mandisa had pointed at. Please enjoy the way I'm moving for you, my Lady. She lifted one flap that had fallen into the box. She groaned at the first lick of the crop's tongue against her back. "Thank you, my Lady."

Mandisa traced the tongue along Chitra's asscrack. "Everything in there should be hung up."

"Yes, my Lady." Chitra pulled in a deep, sustaining breath as she pulled a scarlet red pantsuit into both hands. She carefully rose to her feet and stepped into Mandisa's closest. She grabbed a thin plastic hanger, the white contrasting with areas of gray. What crazy, fancy hangers. No, pay attention to what I'm doing. I have a feeling my Lady will—

Mandisa brought the crop's shaft harshly down across Chitra's naked ass.

Chitra swayed against the closet's door.

"Don't take too long on this task. I want to enjoy you more in other ways." Mandisa leered at Chitra's startled glance over her shoulder.

"Yes, my Lady." Trying to control the shaking that threatened to spread to her fingers, Chitra slipped the pantsuit onto the hanger before hanging it beside a similar pantsuit in a shocking bright blue. She groaned and leaned against the wall after a lash across her ass quickly repeated itself, the pain concentrated in her ass. "Please, my Lady."

"Please what? You're not ready to safeword from this, are you?"

"No, no, my Lady. I just want to please you, my Lady." Chitra noticed with surprise that her knuckles were growing white with how hard she was holding onto the wall. She leaned over to grab another article of clothing from the box. She teetered on her feet with the next lash, this one across her lower back. The loose, silky shirt slid onto a hanger and was put away without another lash from the crop. She turned back to the box. She pressed her hands against the fronts of her thighs when the feel of the implement changed, a wide swathe of her back covered by thick strands. A suede flogger, maybe? "Thank you, my Lady."

"You aren't going to complain?" Mandisa cupped one of Chitra's hips.

"No, my Lady, no complaints, my Lady. I thank you for your attention, my Lady." I might be begging to come if you keep flogging me, my Lady. Chitra looked in the box. Empty.

"That was hardly enough work worthy of another orgasm." Mandisa laughed harshly.

Chitra whimpered, even as she pondered her vaginal muscles twitching at her Lady's laughter.

Mandisa grabbed the empty box and tossed it into the hallway. She grabbed Chitra by the hair and led the girl back to her bed. She flopped onto it before pulling the whimpering submissive across her lap. "Let's see how much I have to smack your ass before it shows on your pretty tan skin."

"Yes, thanks, my Lady," Chitra murmured into the thick comforter beneath them.

Mandisa brought down a cupped hand on Chitra's right asscheek.

Chitra groaned into the comforter.

Mandisa started to smack with a relentless rhythm, one after another, her hand moving over Chitra's ass.

Chitra shook her moans, whimpers, and grunts, her lips parting anew with each impact. Oh,my Lady, this is more than I've ever experienced. In wonder, she found she arched up against Mandisa's slapping hand. "My Lady."

"Are you ready to come from being spanked, sluttish girl?" Mandisa aimed the next slap over Chitra's crack.

"Pleases you, my Lady," Chitra gasped.

"No, it doesn't. You haven't earned another orgasm yet."

"Yes, my Lady." Chitra reared back against Mandisa's hand. Her thighs parted in the movement.

"That's my slut." Mandisa's slaps moved up and down Chitra's thighs, drawing yelps and moans from the girl. "Don't come, girl," she threatened.

"No, my Lady. Not without permission, my Lady." Chitra trembled against Mandisa and her bed. She screamed out, "Gita!" as the brutal domme brought both of her cupped hands down on the slender ass, back arched even though Chitra's eyes did not see the headboard, the wall in front of her.

Mandisa rested her hands on the bed beside her.

"My Lady, may I please rub lotion over her skin?" Jinny's voice sounded in front of them.

Not looking, just laying here. My Lady respected my safeword. Chitra shuddered.

"Sure. You take care of the little girl, my Jinny." Mandisa laughed as she pushed Chitra's voluminous hair into a neater pile.

Chitra cried softly when a small cold hand moved over the backs of her thighs.

"Sh, pretty girl," Jinny murmured. "You'll be fine."

Chitra sniffled. "Thank you, my Lady, for letting Jinny take care of me. And thanks, Jinny."

Mandisa patted Chitra's sore ass. "Good girl to be thankful. Yes, I do like the way you mark." She pressed the point tip of a nail into the skin.

"Please, my Lady."

"Just a little tease. Don't worry. Obviously I pushed you a lot for today. I didn't think you were the type to safeword so quick. We'll start again in the morning."

"Yes, thanks, my Lady." Chitra buried her face in Mandisa's comforter and eased into the sensations of her domme's legs beneath her, Jinny's soft hand rubbing whatever it was into her tight skin. A good girl.


  1. Really enjoyed this Joelle, love the aftercare


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz. I debated that, how aftercare would look with these three. I see engaging in aftercare as something that Mandisa isn't very good, even with her years of experience. Or at least the aftercare looks different than what many expect