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Monday, April 7, 2014

Chitra gives the orgasm she owes Mandisa

Continuing on from last week, I'm spending more time with Chitra before "Vala's Story" begins. The Queen has allowed Mandisa to take Chitra (in a period of temporary collaring before it is decided whether she will enter formal training with The Queen) back to her room in the slave quarters of his mansion. I'm expecting I'll write at least one more piece in this series before I move on to another idea that's bopping around in my mind.

Chitra caught her breath when Mandisa paused.

"My room is one of the few finished. You'll enter it on your knees." Mandisa released Chitra's hair.

Chitra caught herself with her hands and knees. What have I gotten myself into, this Domme with her Cheshire cat grin? And The Queen left me in her care?

"What are you waiting for?" Mandisa barked.

Chitra marshaled her attention. She lifted her head just enough to watch Mandisa walk into the room and then she crawled in after, her movements frantic.

That large, feminine hand made a brutal landing on Chitra's ass. "Never had anyone teach you to crawl pretty?"

"Sorry... no... my Lady." Chitra focused on her breathing, focused on keeping the little whimpers inside herself. Her squeal of pain escaped when Mandisa grabbed her by the hair again and pulled her torso up.

Mandisa seated Chitra's ass on her heels. She took the girl's hands and pulled them onto the back of her head. "Fold them there!"

As Chitra rushed to obey, Mandisa kicked the girl's knees apart.

"That's how you kneel up for me, or for The Queen. Got it?"

"Yes, my Lady," Chitra whimpered. But she was flirting with me the other day, wasn't she?

Mandisa started to walk around Chitra. "Isn't The Queen so kind to give you a week to decide if you want to move from this temporary collar to his training collar?"

"Yes, my Lady." But all that pleasure you gave me, my Lady.

"Have you spent most of your life surrounded by white people, barely aware of your own skin color?"

Chitra pulled in a sharp breath, pushing her confusion off her features. "Only at school, my Lady."

"Explain!" Mandisa grabbed Chitra's chin and pushed up, forcing the girl to look at her face.

"Suburb school... all white... but at home... only other Indians, my... Lady."

"How many lovers have you had? What races?"

"All white guys, all at school, my Lady." I think that was the wrong thing to say.

"Do you think you're too good to be with another person of color?" Mandisa released Chitra's chin only to lean over farther to squeeze the girl's left breast, squeezing until the girl whimpered piteously.

"My Lady... no, I don't think that, my Lady. Please, my Lady."

Mandisa pulled Chitra toward the full size bed that dominated the middle of the room, her hands full of the girl's long hair. "You owe me an orgasm now, girl."

"Yes, my Lady," Chitra gasped. I can do this. I can please my Lady.

Mandisa released Chitra. That teasing grin back in place, she stripped of the dress and dropped the fabric into a pool at Chitra's feet. "Do you like what you see, girl?"

Chitra lifted her gaze slowly, taking in gorgeously strong legs, the beautifully lithe torso, crowned with tempting large breasts. "Oh yes, please, my Lady. You are so amazingly beautiful, my Lady."

Mandisa laughed. "Please? What was that please for?" She pulled Chitra to her feet by the girl's hair.

Chitra swayed on her feet, her stomach momentarily pressed against Mandisa. "I don't know, my Lady. Just want to please you, my Lady."

"Start using that mouth for something other than talking." Mandisa scrambled up her bed backwards, pulled Chitra with her.

Chitra pressed kisses to the full rounded tops of Mandisa's breasts, moaning against the warm, black skin. She stuck her tongue just out of her mouth, to lick the lovely skin, to bring more pleasure. She moaned in surprise to feel a large nipple growing harder against her chin. "My Lady," she whispered as she journeyed to that nipple, sucking it into her mouth, sucking until she heard the husky moan above her.

Mandisa wound her hand into Chitra's hair, pushing the submissive mouth harder against her breast. "Just like that."

Chitra squirmed against Mandisa, her low belly pressed against the domme's pubic area. Not shaved. She doesn't shave. She cried out with the first concentrated blow across her back.

"That's a girl. Please me even as I crop you." Mandisa dragged Chitra's mouth to her other breast.

Chitra moaned, her breathing little pants against Mandisa's hot skin. She hazarded a look at the domme's face. Powerful, even in arousal. She sucked harder when the next stripe of pain caught the middle of her back. She started to kiss her way down the flat expanse of feminine skin between the breasts, onto the taut stomach. She marveled at the strength beneath her mouth. Yes, I'm really bi, I really wanna please this woman.

"She looks lovely doing that, my Lady." The voice pulled Chitra's attention away from Mandisa.

I didn't even see her sitting there. Am I freaked out? Chitra groaned with Mandisa's strong hands pushing on the top of her head. She slid farther, the bottom of her face pressed into the coarse pubic hair. Her groans melted into pleading whimpers. Now time for fear. She worked her tongue, against the clit, into the pussy. She writhed helplessly with the next several lashes that fell on her shoulders.

"I like the way your skin colors, girl." Mandisa chuckled. "It seems you're good at learning on the go. Never done this to a woman, you say?"

Chitra grunted into Mandisa, hoping the noise carried, was heard as negative. She lifted her gaze quickly when the domme moved beneath her; she'd reclined on a pile of pillows.

"Make me come."

Chitra smiled. Yes, thanks, my Lady. She redoubled her efforts, her tongue frantic. Fingers shaking, she lifted one hand onto Mandisa's thigh and waited for a response.

Mandisa pushed the hand between her legs, under the girl's chin.

Chitra slid two fingers into Mandisa's pussy, moaning at the warmth, the softness of her Lady's body. She sucked the clit into her mouth sucking hard until Mandisa cried out; the domme shuddered and the girl held on through the orgasm.

Mandisa held Chitra's head and arm still. "Good girl."

Pleased. I like to please her.

"Now lay on your stomach beside me. I want to enjoy beating you some more."

"Yes, my Lady." What was the safeword The Queen said he and my Lady would respect? Gita.


  1. Oh wow, this was seriously sexy! Loved Chitra's thoughts throughout the piece.


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz... you wouldn't believe that my teen managed "fictional sex interruptus" and it took me two whole days (most of it pissed off listening to music) to get it written? Plus a bunch of brainstorming with my BR? This is tricky- writing Mandisa before Vala's Story.