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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Topic Tuesday: What do authors do to promote their books?

I start with two things-

1) Kage had this bit of wisdom when he was giving the topic for this week: "FYI: A publisher won't do much. They may send a few review copies out and use their social media channels to tell their peeps the book is out, but the majority of any promotion falls on your head. You're selling yourself. They won't."

2) I was talking with a friend who had just finished another blog tour that she did on her own- not paying a blog tour company to do it for her. One of the things I wanted to know was "how much time did you spend on the legwork to arrange the tour yourself?" Her answer? "80 hours." I got to work on my two tours then :D 
So I already had to explain- my Master read on an author activity on FB where I said "I have to bow out- I have too much personal stress atm" by telling Him "with You looking for a job, with mom [who had a stroke and is now fighting moving in with us]" and a myriad of other huge changes that I now have to come to terms with- this means what you're going to get is me talking about what I've been doing to get ready for my up-coming tours. Because I've seen friends have wonderful results with blog tours and book sales. That said, I will also be doing my regular promo posts on Facebook as well as FB events for the book releases and to share links for the blog tour.

First I made a file to collect ideas for the tour posts- friend from comment #2 advised "14 to 16 stops seems most productive." I talked to my beta reader for the series about the topics I'd already come up with and she suggested other things. Then I started writing the posts for the first tour. I want to finish the articles before I start soliciting blogs to host me; I'm not sure if this is a good or bad strategy, but this first tour will be a learning experience for me. Now in my writing folder, I have created a sub-folder to organize the blog tour work, followed by sub-folders in it for the 1st and 2nd tours, by the nickname I call the book with my BR. I need to pick prize(s) and get the Rafflecopter giveaway set up. Then there will be the creation of graphic materials (buttons, banner etc for the tour). Of course, once the tour is going, I will need to go to each blog to thank the host, respond to any comments. Then finishing up the tour by arranging to get prizes to winners. As each tour stop goes live, I will need to promote the posts, while still making sure to keep material on and promoted for regular blog posts, as well as posting to the FB event. I'm sure I'll find more things as I go, but this is what comes to me atm. :D
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  1. Good post- informative. Thank you for sharing.
    ~Decadent (Summer)

    1. thanks, Summer :) I hope some other authors find is helpful

  2. Make sure you keep us updated on how it goes!

    1. Will do :) I'm working away... my biggest thing is figuring out how to divide time- I have all the tour work I can do, before I get my first book off to Jeff. But there's at least one WIP not related to Vala's Story that I wanted to finish and get to BRs. sighs... sooo much to do. And I'm pondering on book reviews- which didn't go so good the first time- I only managed to get one site (BDSM book reviews) to review the previous edition.