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Friday, January 3, 2014

#SatSpanks ... Josephine's spanking leads to more

8 or so sentences from writers who love to spank or be spanked. Please enjoy my snippet and then move onto the other hoppers- their links are at the bottom of this post.

This time, I did decide to give you a bit more with the lifting of the restrictions for "Winter Spanks" (which I also took part in and you can read my post for it here if you haven't already :) If you've wandered here today from Winter Spanks, please be prepared that I'm pretty graphic here- while I kept my Winter Spanks' post pretty clean) I'm giving you some more from my ageplay WIP "Mommy," although this is from before Mommy and Joey "met." I was planning on being a big tease before I read of the sentence limit being lifted :D Aren't I so nice? hehe

Master pulled me over His lap, face down; I noticed His feet were still on the floor. He grasped my ass in both hands and squeezed.

I groaned, my hips lifting my ass. The groan morphed into a harsh grunt when the first spank radiated through my ass; I smiled at the largeness of Master's hands. I arched into the next slap.

Master brushed his finger over the top of my asscrack. "Should I fuck this ass tonight?"

I lifted my head, slightly confused in my arousal. "You'd enjoy it, Master."

"But would you?"

Pleading moans dripped my lips as the continued strokes of Master's thumb. "I always do, Master."

The massaging stopped just before Master started to spank, one of those spankings that go until I hold my breath, that I know the next slap will come, but not where.

Master slowly rubbed my ass, the skin already hot and sore. He dipped one finger into my cunt- I gasped- that He then moved in and out.

I made the smallest hip movements, begging but not.

"You are so wet, little girl." He dragged the moist finger up my perineum and between my asscheeks.

"Yes, Master," I finally whispered just before that finger inched into my asshole. I finally released my held breath, trembling.

"I can't wait to have my cock here." He pushed His finger in as far as it could go, aided by my pussy juices coating His finger.

"Yes, Master." I wasn't sure why I was responding; that wasn't a question. I made a soft crying sound at His finger leaving my body.

"First I want this ass hotter." Master's spanks started to become blows, hard and heavy-handed.

"Thanks, Master," I gasped at the pain.

Master laughed, the sound soft and edged with His own arousal.

"I like hearing you thankful for your spankings, especially when I haven't ordered it." Master caught the very bottom of my asscheeks with a cupped hand; unprepared for the blow, I slid forward on the bed. "None of the that." He pulled me by His hips back onto His lap.

"Sorry, Master. I didn't mean to, Master." I pressed my lips together, wanting to push my face into the thick, black comforter and knowing I shouldn't.

"Of course not." Without pause, Master rained cupped hand slaps on my ass again, catching spots He hadn't yet.

I arched, writhed, moaned. I shook with each slap. I was about to beg when Master stopped spanking. Moans turned into whimpers when two of His fingers pushed into my cunt. Back and forth, fucking me with His fingers. My sounds took on a sad note when His fingers left my body.

"Sh. Off my lap and on the middle of the bed."

Of course you had to realize :D this is me, Joelle... so I wasn't going to give you the whole scene, but just tease a little less :D.


  1. My imagination is taking over. Very hot.

    1. thanks, Leigh. Well this was already quite a bit longer than the usual limit and since I also did a Winter Spanks, I decided to stop before the sexual intercourse :D

  2. Able to give us more and still you stop as such a place? Someone really needs a spanking today.

    1. LOL PK- but I want people to consider buying the book when it finally comes out :D and really, if I had gone further, I would have had to put up an NSFW warning (for those who aren't used to such graphic shares on Satspanks :D) thanks for the comment and the spanks :D I'm hoping when my Master gets home from the gaming tournament He's at that He's in the mood for such lol

  3. Evil woman! You delight in teasing us.... Sadist!

    1. but I'm not a sadist :D I'm a sweet little masochist submissive :D I'm only a bit bratty at times. thanks for the comment and the giggle

  4. Very hot! Love it honey...just love it. ;)

  5. So glad you took advantage of the extra length. Joey is quite a good little submissive, and her master clearly enjoys her. Makes for a hot combination, and leaves me to wonder how much of this comes from real experience. But you aren't telling, Joey (um, I mean, Joelle) are you? Great snippet.

    1. lol you're the first one to comment on the Josephine/Joey :D yes, her explanation to Mara about "Joey" is my history. thanks. With Joey, I played quite a bit with toys,moreso than my Master cares to