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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Guest Blogger: Angela Sargenti visits with her "Lord Sir Beast"- an erotic fairy tale

I was looking for guests and when Angela Sargenti said she had an erotic fairy tale she'd love to visit why my blog with, was I ever excited! "Lord Sir Beast" for 99 cents! I can't wait to read it. And here's Angela :)

When a well-bred maiden meets a monster, will she be flooded with fear or enflamed by lust; and can the crude beast be tamed with such a tender touch?

            My father is a very rich man, and an Earl, and I am a dutiful daughter, gently bred and nurtured since birth, destined for a brilliant career as some rich man’s wife.
            That, at least, was the plan, but as they say, there is many a slip twixt cup and lip.  My father’s sole fault is that he’s a capricious man, and he has rejected every suitor who has ever come to offer for me.
            So here I am, in my early twenties and solidly on the shelf for several years now.
            Such a state does not suit me, though, and I’m always looking for some way to enliven my otherwise very dull life.  And it was a simple wish for some excitement that led me to the beast.
            Miss Gates, my former governess, and now my paid companion, had left me off to study my French one afternoon, and I slipped away.  I was never one to heed her strictures much anyway, so I stole off on my mare, without a footman or any sort of chaperone, and rode out far away from the house, as far as I could go and still remain on my father’s land.
            I’d be whipped for it later, no doubt, but for now, I meant to enjoy a frolic.
            I rode out across the meadow.  It was late spring and there were millions of wildflowers dotting the landscape.  The scent of wild rose and sweet peas hung thick in the air.  And then I smelled something I’ve never smelled before.  It was like meat roasting and livestock and copper all at the same time.
            “Curiosity killed the cat, Miss Nosy Parker,” is what Miss Gates always tells me, but I’ve always been the inquisitive type, so I had to investigate anyway.
            Besides, it was my father’s land.  I had a right to explore any part of it I wanted.
            I leaned forward in the saddle to sniff the air and discover from whence the strange smell originated, when my mare suddenly reared and threw me to the ground.  I hadn’t even gotten to my feet when she turned and bolted back toward the house.
            It’s a long walk back, so I decided I might as well continue my investigation before I set out for home.  I headed for a nearby coppice, since that seemed the likely source, and there I found the beast.
            And, you might say, he found me.
            He was busy roasting a hart over a fire, and you wouldn’t expect such a lumbering hulk to move so quickly, but he caught me up and threw me to the ground.
            My dress will be quite ruined now, I thought nonsensically.  And indeed, he ripped the dress open from bodice to hem in one downward sweeping motion of his claw. 

Buy Links:
Barnes and Noble:  http://dld.bz/deZWg
Smashwords:  http://dld.bz/ddW8w

Angela is hard at work on her latest book.  Her main focus is on erotica, but she also admits to a fondness for horror—especially the zombie genre.  Her story “Help! My Wife is a Former Dominatrix!” will appear in the upcoming anthology, The Big Book of Domination by Rachel Kramer Bussel.  Her four sexy e-books, Working Out the Kinks, Start Me Up: A Collection of Erotic Love Stories, So Spankable! and Brattitudes are all available at Amazon.  Be sure to check out her erotica website, Friday I’m In Love, at www.angiesargenti.blogspot.com.


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    1. you're welcome :) glad to host another author

  2. Loved the excerpt Angela, this has certainly got me intrigued to read more! Thank you ladies :)


    1. She did pick the perfect tease, didn't she, Roz? I have to read this too :)

    2. Thanks, Roz. I hope you enjoy it when you do get a chance to read it.

  3. Okay, the Beast roasting a heart over the fire gave me the chills. Now I have to know more about him.

    1. oh yeah! I was stopped when I read that as I was putting this together. Yup, a great book from Angela :)