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Friday, January 24, 2014

Conversation with Greta

I don't have anyone guesting so today I'm giving you a conversation. I was pondering which of my characters would be most advantageous to talk with; I'd limited it to Greta (from "Vala's Story") or Joey (from "Mommy")- with the last 3 Monday posts about Greta and my BR asking to read more, Greta won. The scene we danced around discussing I plan to write for this Monday.

So I know I'm not usually your first choice for a conversation, Joelle. Why have you called me to this file?

Well Greta, you are a writer too so at least in part I'd hope a conversation between us might bear some nice fruit. Then there is also the work with you when you were newly collared by The Queen that I've been doing on my blog, on Mondays. Annikka said she'd like to know more about it and she's enjoying it so far. Also I've gotten some rather nice comments- like people enjoying when you, he, and Iona made love (or was it sex :D?) that first morning after your collaring.

You're still going on love or sex? I admit, that made an eye catching title, but do you really question what was happening that morning between the three of us? I dragged my feet much longer than I should of. I was already pretty close with The Queen, my Lady Iona, and his other slaves.

So why did you drag your feet then? If memory serves me right from your meeting story, it was like three or four years after he made the first offer before you finally begged his collar.

I was a strong woman! A Domme! And I had my career, writing. I guess I believed too many of the stereotypes of female submissives. Plus The Queen. I mean, you brought him into being and what a delectable male he is. Of course you went out of your way not to have a cookie cutter, alpha male hero, but he is still absolutely gorgeous, great in a bed, and while still being a dom, he can have these moments of wonderful humility that remind us subs that he's a person too.

Were you startled with how fast he moved with you? Taking you home that night, the next day your collaring and pairing? It seems that you're coming to me in these first hours of your first day as The Queen's slave and Iona's submissive as shell shocked.

I do? Shell shocked, you say? I don't know. I don't think The Queen's behavior really changed towards me; he's also been very playful towards me and admittedly had been trying to talk me into subbing to him for years. While I had some little experience subbing from early in my training, I'd never really thought of myself as a switch. I guess somehow the collar on my neck, him buckling me into his harness, my Lady Iona fastening me to the sleeping board in her room, everything affected me. And while I might have expected Iona in her nervousness as a newly made dom to be anxious in her control, not one bit. She was in control, even if I have to look down on her when we're standing.

I'm trying to imagine that first candle wax play. What it would have been like.

Well it took you long enough to show in writing how The Queen also enjoys wax. There's that snippet of his enjoyment with Prisca and Abrecan in "Gates," but it wasn't really until "Week-long" that you explored.

True, but somehow either of the scenes with Miwa and wax are just too much about how The Queen and Iona interact with her. I don't expect that they would interact the same or similarly with you. And I less see Tommy being involved.

Why? On my Lord Tommy? You saw him and I enjoying being together before The Queen collared me. Or is it that you see candle wax mostly as my Lady Iona's thing, and of course The Queen's?

Well that maybe. After all, when I think of candle wax, first in my mind is Iona, followed by The Queen, then to lesser extent, Prisca and Abrecan.

I'd like to back up a moment here- why would you expect me to tell you much about the candle wax before you write in? Why should I tell you that anyone but The Queen, my Lady Iona, and I were in the room?

Greta, you're going to make me pout, aren't you?

You're planning on writing that lesson soon. Finish this, the Winter Spanks story- for which you mainly need to write sex- and then whatever that third thing was that you mentioned to Annikka, if indeed it wasn't my lesson that you mentioned.

But I would hope you'd be helpful, writer to writer. So will you give me a hint if I'll see more about your transition from Domme to submissive?

No. Great big shit-eating grin. You'll get to the scene and then you'll see.


  1. This was wonderful Joelle, I enjoyed reading this. Greta is a tease :)


    1. thanks for the comment, Roz, and yes, she is, although not nearly as bad as Vala.