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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alta Hensley visits to share an excerpt from her book "Ruby Rose"

When Alta told me about this book, I just had to invite her to guest. I loved this book (you can read my review here on Goodreads if you're interested).

The word 'alpha' sends a shiver through every woman's body. The taboo of BDSM conquers her fantasy. The desire is growing...

Ruby Rose wants to write an article on the belief of Domestic Discipline and its growing popularity. In order to do it well, and come across as genuine, she decides she must immerse herself in the lifestyle. She starts working as a bartender at a trendy BDSM club in hopes of compiling all the research she needs. But everything changes the minute Evan Steel walks through the door.

Evan Steel represents this life. He lives this life. He is this life. Evan is the man with all the answers, and due to a budding relationship, Ruby has the walking fantasy right at her fingertips.

But what Ruby soon discovers is that Evan Steel may very well be more than just a fantasy.

Evan shook his head. “Domestic Discipline and BDSM are very different. Same in many ways, but the core beliefs of DD do not mirror BDSM.”

Ruby looked at Evan skeptically. “Then why do you represent the community? Why go to all the clubs and events?”

“For some reason, it just happened that way. I guess because I spank. I discipline. I believe strongly in dominance and submission.”

“And you don't feel this is abuse?”

He shook his head. “If I did, I wouldn't do it. I would never do this against a woman's will. This is an agreement we go into. This is a decision made by the woman long before I would spank her. I respect women. I respect the word 'no'.”

Ruby just sat and stared at Evan while he spoke. He had such passion and conviction in his voice. He seemed so centered and focused. Everything about Evan screamed strength and stability. She had never heard someone describe DD. She had read articles, but the information seemed so shallow compared to actually hearing it from Evan. She wasn’t appalled or shocked. Ruby didn’t think he was a wife beater, or abusive. She respected him for his beliefs. Now, she had to figure out how to make her readers feel the same.

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  1. Wonderful excerpt and I love the premise. Definitely have to add this to my reading list.

    Thank you ladies :)


    1. I agree, Roz, although I have to admit, I wanted to disagree with Evan here- I can imagine having read my "What is BDSM/DD" posts you understand. However Alta did a great job writing this book and sharing her perspective

    2. Thanks so much! Great way to start my day with a visit. :)

    3. you're welcome, Alta :) great book. I was glad to host you