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Saturday, May 11, 2013

What is *racy*?

While this is still a pretty sexy image to many, it isn't as racy or scandalous today as it would have been for centuries of Western European existence, when women's fashions showed tremendous cleavage, but no ankle. How "racy" changes.

Often enough, blog posts start out from a need to vent for me. Facebook is a great source for this. Recently I posted a silly something.... lalalalalala I'm not safe for work lalallalala. Yes, I certainly have my moments that cause me to ponder more these notions of Daddy/little girl. The vent comes in from a friend posting- and I won't try to quote her or go find the post so I get her exact word because I'm all too active on FB- responding to this in what I summarize as "I wish you wouldn't post so many racy pictures that I have to explain to my kid when he accidentally looks while I'm scrolling." My first response to this is anger, irritation. If you know me, you know just how often that NSFW does explain me. Sure, I have plenty of interests, but I can easily go from talking about education philosophy to kinky sex... and even have a tangential explanation as to why the two subjects make sense together. Oh and wait, she used the phrase "racier photos"- that really got me. So what is "racier" in my world? In her world? I'm pretty sure the two have very little in common. You know what gets me, is over the top? Yes, I know I'm a chicken shit- a BDSM picture made me cringe today. It was a ribbon attached to a woman's leg with needles, play piercing. Now that was truly racy for me, got me to go more than "ooo, I like that" or some such. It really got my attention.

I took the moment to go to an online dictionary other than dictionary.com :D. From Merriam-Webster.com ®, the definition of racy is:

1. a. full of zest and vigor

b. having a strongly marked quality. piquant

c. risque, suggestive (racy jokes)

So first lets talk about the pictures I share on Facebook. The household joke is that I share "dogs, cats, and partially naked women." Now that's not exactly right. Yes, lots of dogs and cats, especially memes. Then there are the women wearing as little as FB will allow. There is usually a fetish quality to the picture, if not an all out BDSM aesthetic. More recently, I've come across a few pages that have male/male BDSM and/or "bear" pictures- yes, I don't tend to want to look at pictures of just random guys, although I'd love a naked picture of my Master. But bears, with their thick body hair, their large bodies. Plus I know I have people on my list who will enjoy such images. Okay so all that scantily claddedness, I also have memes, images from home education, political, and natural parenting pages. Amusing, huh? And so friends, followers who have my posts coming up in their feed really can't be sure what they'll see. It could just as much be a kitten playing with a bag as a woman wearing nothing but a collar kneeling in front of a fully dressed, suited man.

BTW- I promise to give you more SEX, BDSM tomorrow... I just gotta get my head right. Maybe my Master can throw me down on the bed after He's fixed the frame and fuck my head back into a sense of normalcy. :D


  1. That's always a tricky deal, when you can't post what you want on your Social page for concerns about offending others, especially when one person's racy is another person's meh (or yawn) lol But... I figure I didn't create my social pages for anyone but myself, so I post what I'm comfortable with. Not everyone is ever going to be happy with what you post. And when I see something I don't like coming into my (personal) feed, well, that's what the hide or block button is for. Yet, I wouldn't tell someone what to post or not post on their own page. I figure I put up with everyone else's rants, I should be able to toss up pics of half-naked people every now and then, hehe. Good luck :)

    1. thanks, Lelani. But yeah, I agree with you on who the social page is for. I'm half tempted to ask this friend to say specifically what she meant by racier- after all, I've seen her share some female/female things that push the boundaries of "adult" pictures. shrugs, my adult images tend to be all over the place sexually. I identify as queer, I write pansexual BDSM erotic romance. but yeah, hide and block do wonders. And please, "protecting the kids"? what a load of hogwash, if you ask me. in the US, kids see hundreds of "sexy" images- better to have a parent explain then leave it mysterious.